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Banking in Uruguay

By David Hammond 
Banco de la República Oriental del Uruguay main branch in Montevideo's Old City
image by David Hammond
If you decide to become a resident of Uruguay, work in Uruguay, or buy real estate in Uruguay, you'll likely want a local bank account.

For an overview of banking in Uruguay and advice on how to open a bank account in Uruguay, read on.

Traveling long and traveling light—an interview with Evelin Strougle and Melvyn Appleton

By David Hammond 
Evelin Strougle and Melvyn Appleton
Like the Johnny Cash song, Evelin Strougle (81) and Melvyn Appleton (82) have been everywhere.

They know New York, London, Paris, and scores of other cities around the world.

They’ve walked the beaches of dozens of islands set in a variety of oceans and seas.

And over the years they refined the art of traveling light.

Eating out in Montevideo

By Karin Ledl
Karin Ledl
Montevideo may be a small city compared to Buenos Aires or New York. But when it comes to going out to eat, there are still many options.

It’s not easy to choose between the varied Montevideo restaurants offering  French, Italian, Armenian, Mexican or even Indian cuisine.

And that’s not counting the local “parrilla” (barbeque restaurant) and an array of other possibilities for any taste and budget.

Though it’s impossible to review all of the good restaurants in Montevideo, I will offer you some of my personal favorites.

The Making of Piriapolis - Uruguay's First Beach Resort Was The Vision of Don Francisco Piria

Today the coast of Uruguay is dotted with beach-resort communities.

However, the very first one was Piriapolis, developed by Don Francisco Piria. Piria was inspired to create a Mediterranean-like beach resort in Uruguay after a visit to the South of France.

SODRE – Uruguay’s Nationally Funded Arts, Culture, and Music Scene

Ballet del SODRE
Montevideo, Uruguay is known for its thriving art and cultural scene.

On any given weekend, you’ll find a variety of live music performances, plays, interesting exhibits, stimulating talks, and art film screenings.

An important aspect of Uruguay's high culture is SODRE,  a government organization that's been supporting the performing arts in Uruguay since the 1930s.

Developing a winery in Uruguay

By David Hammond 
Leslie Fellows is a co-owner and Director of Sales and Marketing
 for Artesana Winery in Canelones, Uruguay
When Blake Heinemann, from the US, tried Tannat wine on a trip to Uruguay he was impressed.

As a wine aficionado, he wanted to share his discovery.

But instead of buying a few bottles to take home, or even purchasing a case to have delivered, he took his enthusiasm a big step further.

He developed his own winery in Uruguay.

Uruguayan artist - Joaquín Torres García

Joaquín Torres García 1943 - Unviversal Constructivism - Museo Torres García
In 2014, I moved from one furnished-and-equipped apartment in Uruguay to another. So, I just needed to bring my personal essentials: toiletries, clothes, sheets and towels, computer, important papers, and my framed Torres García prints.

Joaquín Torres García (1874 - 1949) stands in history as one of the most influential modern artists of the first half of the 20th Century. He also put Uruguay on the map as a South American country forging its own artistic identity.