15 February 2015

Two Ranches in Uruguay

Estancia La Sirena, image by Julie Wormhoudt
By Julie Wormhoudt

In December and January (2014-15) a friend and I, (ladies in our 60s up for an adventure) drove all around Uruguay hitting many coastal towns, as well as visits to two ranches: Estancia Pinos de la Quebrada, west of the town, Triente y Tres; and La Sirena, near the town of Mercedes.

05 February 2015

Dog and Puppy Lovers Coming Together for Adoption Event February 14th - You're invited

On Valentine's Day, Saturday February 14th, you're invited to join a group of locals and expats who love and care about puppies and dogs. The event will be held at the veterinary clinic San Isidro in Maldonado from 10 am -1:00 pm. Stop by to enjoy music, games, and meet fellow pet lovers. Plus, meet puppies up for adoption, which have been neutered/spayed and had their shots.

16 November 2014

Starting a Corporation (Sociedad Anonima - SA) in Uruguay

From an interview with Uruguayan accountant, Magela Palleiro 

While a variety of business structures are available in Uruguay, the three most common are the 1) Sociedad Anonima, a corporation (a partnership limited by shares) often called an "SA". 2) the Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada or "SRL", a limited liability company. And 3) Unipersonal, a sole proprietorship.

This article is about the Uruguayan Sociedad Anonima (SA). It describes some of this business structure's characteristics and explains three ways to get your own Uruguayan sociedad anonima set up and running.

31 October 2014

Organic Blueberries - Ripe and Ready to Pick!

The organic blueberries at Alex von Graevenitz's farm near Punta del Este are ripe. And this year, Alex is offering a special discount rate for you to pick your own.

"Besides fresh berries, we offer other organic blueberry products that include blueberry jam, blueberry leaf tea, and frozen blueberries.

"We also have some other products available like honey, Arugula, and hot Chilly Peppers.

"Additionally, we are starting a Stevia plant project for those staying away from sugar.

“We are located at km 106 on the Interbalnearia , "ARANDANOS" sign and a conspicuous
white tent. It's really easy to get here since all buses stop right in front of the gate. You can call or text me at 094-301-684 or send me an email at," says Alex.

12 April 2014

The Dog Days (After) Summer - in Punta del Este

by Samantha Wright

Dog Days After Summer - Image 1 of 2
 Moody day today. We went for a ride around the neighborhood after the rain and the sun came out. As we approached our Apartment we spotted these dogs taking a nap upon the landscaped berm :-)  You've heard the term "Dog days of summer" right? Well it made us smile that these are the quiet, lazy days of inactivity in Punta when all the tourists have gone and it becomes ours to enjoy! Even the Dogs know this :-)

05 April 2014

12-year-old Expat in Uruguay recalls animal rescue experience

Etanne is a 12-year-old expat who moved to Punta del Este, Uruguay with her mother, Karen Michele, in December 2013.

Before coming to Uruguay, they lived between a farm-like home in Georgia and New York City, where Karen had a photo studio.

In Punta del Este, Karen teaches English at Colegio Pinares, where Etanne is a student.

"The people are so warm and genuine and I am delighted with the friends that both my daughter and I have already made," says Karen.

Etanne likes to ride bikes, garden, camp, write.... and rescue dogs.

In fact, Etanne and her mother have rescued more than 200 that would have been put down without their intervention.

Following is an animal rescue story Etanne wrote when she was 10.

08 January 2014

Taking the Bus in Uruguay

Jeff McCullar
Jeff McCullar sold his home and belongings in Texas and arrived in Uruguay with his wife Amy and three children in search of fresh air, fresh food, and to experience a different culture. Jeff reports that he and his family have not been disappointed. In the following story, Jeff shares about his first bus ride in Uruguay.

By Jeff McCullar -  I took my first bus ride in Uruguay today. It was a bit intimidating at first sitting at the station, everything spoken in an unknown language. But all was well.

12 December 2013

Amy Gilmartin shares her experience as a young expat starting out in Uruguay

There was a post on BuzzFeed titled: "21 Reasons Why You Need to Move to Uruguay in 2014". The post didn't offer much from first-hand experience. However, it provoked hundreds of comments.

One interesting comment was by Amy Gilmartin, who was generous in sharing her experiences as a young expat couple starting a new life in Uruguay.
Amy Gilmartin with feathered friend

By Amy Gilmartin - My husband and I recently sold everything we owned and moved to Uruguay about 6 weeks ago.

I can tell you from first hand experience that Uruguay is AMAZING.

 It is slower paced, absolutely gorgeous and it definitely has the kindest people I've ever met (and I have traveled to A LOT of different countries.)

11 December 2013

Laura Kundig, an expat from Europe, teaches the relaxing and energizing practice of Chi-Kung in Punta del Este

Laura Kundig
I had the pleasure of attending a Chi-Kung (Qi-Gong) class taught by Laura Kundig in Punta del Este.

Laura led us though a warm up and a practice that included several Chi-Kung postures.

It was my first time. I learned that Chi-Kung takes focus and attention but it is not difficult.

 “Chi-Kung can be practiced by people from age seven to over 80, and in all conditions. It can be done standing or sitting," Laura explains.

Feeling relaxed and energized after my first  Chi-Kung class, I enjoyed a cup of tea and chatted with my classmates, who were from many different countries and of varying ages.

08 December 2013

Atlántida, Uruguay provides a comfortable writing environment for expat author Susan Joyce

In the age of the Internet, an independent writer can live where she likes. And author Susan Joyce likes living in Atlántida, Uruguay.

Susan Joyce and Gita
on the beach in Uruguay
By Susan Joyce - I am originally from the USA. However, over the years I've lived in the Middle East, Europe, back in the USA, and Mexico. Then, in 2009 I moved to Uruguay with my husband and son.

In Uruguay  we found a great climate, natural beauty, and sandy beaches. “Ah!” I said, “My kind of spot.”

Here, we enjoy fresh organic produce, the best quality meats, and award winning wines.

The local people are friendly and helpful. They have a strong sense of family and community. And they seem to be able to balance work and play.