Travel to Punta del Este, Uruguay

Punta del Este Peninsula

Punta del Este, Uruguay is South America's premiere beach resort. It's often compared with France’s Saint-Tropez and The Hamptons of Long Island, New York.

Punta del Este has a year-round population of approximately 25,000 that jumps to hundreds of thousands during the summer (Mid-December through February).

Most of the summer vacationers are from neighboring Argentina and Brazil. There is also a regular contingent from Europe and North America who escape the Northern Hemisphere winter for some mid-summer fun in January.


Offerings made to African goddess on the beaches of Uruguay

Some friends told me that each year on the night of February 2nd people gathered on the beach in Punta del Este (as well as other beaches in Uruguay) to make offerings to an African goddess known as Yemanjá.

 Punta has a large variety of special events held on the beach including runway modeling, concerts, and sporting events, but for some reason this bit of information about making offerings to an African goddess bent my paradigm about Uruguay. So, I went to the beach to investigate.


Carnival in Uruguay - 2016

The Samba Schools Parade is the second parade of Uruguay's Carnival season

On Thursday January 21st, about 75,000 people lined Avenue 18 de Julio (Montevideo's main avenue) for Uruguay's 2016  Inauguration Carnival Parade. There were about 60 parade groups that included everything from civic groups to Samba dancers.

Uruguay’s Carnival celebration is the longest in the world with 40 days of events extending from the last part of January through the first part of March.


Expat, Karin Ledl, co-hosts Montevideo Night, a new TV show airing every Friday on Uruguay's Canal U

Expat, Karin Ledl, is the co-host of Montevideo Night airing at 11:30 pm each Friday on Canal U
For a long time, Karin Ledl divided her time between Argentina and the USA. Then about five years ago, she settled down—in Uruguay.


Punta del Este Fashion - Paz Pittaluga's New Collection

PUNTA DEL ESTE, Uruguay-- Paz Pittalugas new collection , Trashed Vintage, was presented at Ovo Dayclub, in Punta del Este's Conrad Hotel and Casino January 14th.

The show was organized by designer/model Flavia Pinto, who explained the latest collection is based on Gucci and 1970s hippie chic.


Getting a job in Uruguay

(This post, which first appeared in 2010, is updated to reflect current wages and conditions.) In decades past, English speakers from abroad getting a job in Uruguay was a rarity. But now is becoming more common. The purpose of this updated post is to provide you with a perspective of Uruguay employment, as well as a couple of notes and tips on the subject.


The Freixenet Party - a Punta del Este Summer Classic

PUNTA DEL ESTE, Uruguay-- In a city famous for summer parties, the Freixenet Cava event will be remembered as one of the best of 2016. 


Street Tango - Saturday Evenings in Plaza del Entrevero in Montevideo

Street Tango in Montevideo, Uruguay

When the weather is good, you'll often find Street Tango in Montevideo's Plaza Entrevero (also known as Plaza Fabini) on Saturday evenings. People of all ages enjoy dancing, while others come to watch and drink Yerba Mate. 


Montevideo theater, music, and movies – link to the best online entertainment guide

Feel like going out on the town in Montevideo? If so, you have a lot of options. On the Saturday I am writing this post there are more than 50 live theater performances scheduled for tonight. There are more than 20 live music venues, and 29 different movie titles showing in 13 different multi-screen theaters across town.


Uruguayan Food

This article on Uruguayan food introduces you to many of Uruguay’s most popular dishes and styles of eating. It includes chivito sandwiches, Gnocchis, faina, empanadas, Mejillones Provenzal (steamed muscles), canelones, parillasas (Urguayan barbecue - WITH VIDEO), Milanesa, fish, and Uruguayan breakfast foods.