Summer fun on the beach in Punta del Este

There is a lot to do in Punta del Este besides go to the beach--but don't forget about the beach.

Punta del Este's beaches offer a friendly and welcoming atmosphere where people of all ages, incomes, and backgrounds come together to relax and have fun.

Many beaches have cabanas where you and your family and friends can set up camp and have cold drinks delivered while you relax, socialize, or play dominoes.

Beach activities in Punta del Este include sunbathing, beach soccer, trampolines, body surfing, board surfing, and kite surfing.

Punta del Este is also famous for its on-the-beach dances and fashion shows.

You'll also notice the many umbrellas and chairs in the first image. Many condominium buildings offer "beach service"--the service of providing and setting up umbrellas and beach chairs for condo owners and building tenants. (Each building has a different color umbrellas for easy identification.)
Images taken January 12th at Brava Beach.

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