My Favorite Taxi Driver in Montevideo, Uruguay

My favorite cab driver in Montevideo, Uruguay is Manuel who drives car 118 for Fono Taxi. And I will tell you why.

I go to Montevideo (Uruguay’s capital) from Punta del Este about once a week. Because I have made a personal decision to leave Montevideo’s urban driving to experts, I take a motor-coach to the Montevideo bus terminal and then take taxis from there to wherever I need to go.

Last week I took a taxi from Montevideo’s Old City, where my attorney’s office is located, back to the bus terminal. I was holding too many things, and when I got out of the taxi I realized I had left my wallet in the back seat. I tried to wave to the driver, but it was too late.

After consulting with a few workers at the bus terminal, I took another taxi back to the Old City and went to the same taxi stand in hopes of finding the same taxi.

At the taxi stand there was a man who worked at the curb as a volunteer, opening doors and loading bags for tips. I asked this man if the taxi I had taken about 40 minutes ago had been back. The man explained that the next passenger who got in the taxi probably found my wallet and kept it without saying anything. “Forget it- It’s gone.”

I suggested that perhaps an honest person found my wallet and turned it in to the driver, and I asked if he would at least radio the taxi to ask. He said he wouldn’t radio the taxi because it would be useless.

Well, I waited at the taxi stand. Fifteen minutes later the same taxi drove up. I asked the driver if my wallet had been found. And you know what - it had! The driver had left it in the care of the man working at the curb so he could return it to me if I came back. The man had it in his pocket the whole time.

The taxi driver got my wallet from the man, but the cash was missing. The curb worker said it was gone when he got it. However, the cab driver was relentless and insisted the money be returned, called in a supervisor, and finally got my money back, too.

The taxi driver’s name is Manuel. Manuel made an effort to put my wallet in a place where I could find it, and then fought hard to get it back when the man he trusted to hold it for me wouldn't give it back. Manuel drives for Fono Taxi. If you have business in Montevideo or want to do some sightseeing (and you want to leave the driving to an expert) call Manuel at Fono Taxi: 203 7000 and ask for Manuel in taxi 118.


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