Semana Criolla Montevideo, Uruguay

This week in Uruguay goes by three names:

  • Semana Santa, as its known in most of South America in celebration of Easter.
  • Semana de Tourismo, the secular government name for the week of vacation.
  • Semana Criolla, a week of rodeo and crafts in Montevideo.

There are two Semana Criolla rodeos in Montevideo, one in Parque Roosevelt and the other in Prado. The images shown are of the rodeo at the Semana Criolla del Prado.

The broncos come off of a pole instead of out of a shoot like North American rodeos. The riding talent was incredible. In addition to the rodeo there was a craft fair and barbecue.


Semana Criolla brings Uruguay's countryside to the city. A Montevideo blogger wrote that seeing these men from the countryside made him want to abandon his computer terminal and head for the outdoors.

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