Uruguayan Artist Javier Cruz

 I have a sister, Kathleen, in the US who loves art. She sent me a link to a Uruguayan artist, whose work she appreciated, named Javier Cruz. She made contact with him via Facebook, and in their correspondence she mentioned she had a brother in Uruguay, As a result, I had the opportunity to meet Javier Cruz in his shared studio in Montevideo's Ciudad Vieja, right on Plaza Zabala.

Javier Cruz is a talented and diverse painter. When I visited him in his studio he was working on a commissioned portrait. He was very warm and friendly to interact with and also speaks English. He works in oils and watercolors and brings a true artistic expression to all his work.

Javier Cruz works in series, which are depicted on his website. His subject is often the human figure, but also includes city scenes, beach flora, and a watercolor Tango Series. The first series on his website is Damas en brocato (Ladies in brocade), which uniquely portrays human figures mixed into a rich brocade.

If you like art and are in Montevideo, I encourage you to stop by Javier Cruz's studio and see his work. If you own real estate in Uruguay, one of his works would provide a truly Uruguayan flair to your atmosphere.

Below is a brief biography followed by a link to his website and Facebook page.

Javier Cruz  Montevideo, Uruguay born in 1966: Trained in architecture, he began to develop his artistic expression through watercolor and then expanded to include oil painting.

His work has been displayed in national galleries since 2003. In 2007 he joined the Plaza Zabala atelier of painters and sculptors, where he works and exhibits on a permanent basis. He is a member of surname (Painters and Sculptors Association of Uruguay) and founding partner of ACUA (Association Watercolourist Uruguayan Cultural )

Javier Cruz website
Javier Cruz on Facebook 

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