Five reasons to visit Punta del Este in the winter

There used to be a saying that the only people who come to Punta del Este in the winter are people recovering from plastic surgery. However, things have changed. Punta del Este has evolved from a summer beach resort that booms in the summer and closes down in the winter into a multidimensional city with more year-round travel and visitor activity.

So why do people visit Punta del Este in the winter? Here are five reasons:
1) Punta del Este in the winter for a romantic getaway
Punta del Este in winter is a quiet place far away from the bustle of everyday life. There are hotels and vacation rentals in a variety of romantic settings, a beautiful coastline, and miles of nearby green countryside. Couples can enjoy walking on the beach, buying fresh seafood direct from fishermen, selecting produce from a family operated vegetable stand, visiting an artisan fair, and browsing in unique shops. In the evening there are many good restaurants to choose from, as well as movies, and casino’s with a year-round calendar of special events and shows. Punta’s magical beauty and the warmth of the local people make it the perfect backdrop for you and yours to create a truly memorable experience.

2) Punta del Este in the winter to make a real estate investment
Winter is one of the best times to shop for real estate in Uruguay. In the winter it is much easier to view a more representative selection of properties than in the summer. This is because many properties for sale are vacation rentals which are often not available to be shown in the summer when they are occupied. Also, in the winter there are more real estate agents with time to work with you. This is because they are not distracted by vacation rental management that dominates most real estate offices in the summer. Additionally, there may be fewer buyers searching for properties in the winter, creating a more favorable environment for negotiations.

3) Punta del Este in the winter to work on a creative project
Punta del Este in winter can be a place to get away from the responsibilities and interruptions of everyday life to focus on a creative project such as a book, composition, program, or business plan. Punta del Este has a large inventory of furnished homes and apartments that are used as summer rentals. In the winter many of these properties sit vacant, and many owners will rent by the month in the winter for less money than what a week would cost in the summer. These properties provide a place where you can work affordably in an inspiring new setting.

4) Punta del Este in the winter to focus on personal development
Punta del Este in winter can provide a tranquil environment to gather your thoughts, break old habits, and focus on peace of mind and better health. There are good gyms, lots of beautiful places to walk or run, clean air, and the availability of whole nutritious foods. (If your goal is to lose 10 or 20 pounds there is a weight loss clinic near Punta del Este, that many people I know have experienced very good results.) Punta del Este in the winter provides a place for you to retreat and create the new you.

5) Punta del Este in winter to evaluate relocation opportunities
Punta del Este has a growing international expatriate community of full time residents. Because Punta del Este is so different in the winter than in the summer, coming to Punta in the winter is a good idea if you are considering relocation. In addition to experiencing Uruguay’s winter weather first hand, you can get a sense of what everyday life is like including the local people and culture. Renting a furnished single family home or apartment for a few weeks or a month in the winter provides an affordable way to do this before making the decision to relocate.

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