Getting a job in Uruguay

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. Sounds like trends are slowly changing since I visited. Good to know!

ArcaneSpace said...

What is the tech sector like in Uruguay? Is there a lot of demand for software engineers and programmers?

krahd said...

ArcaneSpace, among the tech sector, the unemployment rate is 0% (literally 0%).

As awesome as it sounds, you need to know that the average wage within the tech sector is significantly lower than in most developed countries (excluding, perhaps, spain).

Dave Anderson said...

What are some tech companies in Uruguay? Especially in the electronics/embedded/hardware area?

It sounds like it might not be a good place to go set up a consulting engineering business if you can't find skilled people to hire because of the 0% unemployment in tech.

Dave Anderson said...

Anyone know what a senior electronics design engineer makes?

It sounds like with a tech unemployment rate of 0% it might not be a good place to try to start a consulting engineering business.