How to search for Uruguay real estate on Spanish language websites

By David Hammond 
This post explains how to search for Uruguay real estate on Spanish language websites.

While you'll find some English-language websites offering Uruguay real estate, you'll get a bigger picture of what's available by learning to search on Spanish-language websites, as well.

Property prices

The official currency of Uruguay is the Uruguayan peso; however, the currency used for real estate is usually the US dollar.

In Uruguay, a price proceeded with a “$” usually represents a price in Uruguayan pesos. For example: $100 = 100 pesos.

A price proceeded with a “U$S” is used to represent a price in US dollars. For example U$S100 = 100 US dollars.

However, since almost all real estate in Uruguay is priced in US dollars, you sometimes see a “$” used to mean US dollars in real estate advertisements.

Another difference in Uruguay is the way a price’s numerical value is divided. A period “.” is used as the thousand separator, and a comma “,” is used to separate the integral from the fractional part of the expression. While one thousand US dollars is expressed like this in the USA: $1,000.00 - In Uruguay it is expressed like this U$S 1.000,00

When entering the price as part of your property search criteria on a Spanish language Uruguay real estate website, try entering it without using a thousand separator. Instead of 100,000 - enter it like this: 100000.

Surface area

Uruguay uses the metric system. Floor area is measured in square meters (m2) and land is measured in hectares.

1 square meter = 10.764 square feet, therefore100 m2 = 1,076.4 square feet.

If you're accustomed to floor area being expressed in square feet, you can simply multiply the floor area in square meters by 10 to get a rough estimate of the floor area in square feet.

If an ad reports a property is 150 square meters, you can estimate that it is a little more than 1,500 square feet.

1 hectare = 2.47105381 acres.

If you are accustomed to the surface area of land being expressed in acres, you can multiply the number of hectares by 2.5 for a quick approximate estimate. When the agent tells you the farm is on 5 hectares, you know it is a little less than 12.5 acres.

Uruguay real estate search engine keywords and keyword phrases  

real estate = inmobiliária
real estate = bienes raíces
properties = propiedades
houses = casas
Apartments (same as condominiums in North America)  = Apartamentos
ranches = estancias
farms = campos
Estates or Gentlemen farms = Chacras
land = terrenos
building sites = solares
lots = lotes

Uruguay real estate = inmobiliarias en Uruguay, or Bienes raíces en Uruguay
home for sale = casa en venta
apartment for sale = Apartamento en venta

apartments for sale in Uruguay = Apartamentos en venta en Uruguay
apartments for sale in Montevideo = apartamentos en venta en Montevideo
apartment (or condominium) for sale = Apartamento en venta en Punta de Este
Uruguay real estate auctions = remates inmobiliaria Uruguay

Uruguay real estate website search criteria terms 

for sale = ventas
for rent = alquileres

lugar= place
zona = area
buscar = search
seleccion = selection
dormitorios = bedrooms
baños = bathrooms
precio = price, and to indicate a range: (hasta = from) (desde = to)
fotografias = pictures
ficha completa = complete information

Translations of common property listing terms

alarma = alarm
año del construccion = year of construction
cochera = parking
cocina = kitchen
de riego = irrigation
direccion = address
distancia mar = distance to the sea
equipamiento = equipment
gastos comunes = common costs
Heladera con congelador = refrigerator with freezer
hogar =fireplace
jardin = garden or yard
lavadero = laundry
parilla = barbeque
precio = price
superficie edificado = built surface
superficie terreno = ground surface
sistema = system
techo = roof
vista del mar = sea view

While it is necessary to look at properties online to get a sense of the local real estate market, I recommend that you form a relationship with a bilingual real estate agent before visiting properties.

A good way to locate a bilingual real estate agent is recommendations from other English speaking property buyers who report a good experience.

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