Spanish language schools in Montevideo, Uruguay

(updated) There are several good Spanish language schools in Montevideo, Uruguay. The purpose of this article is to let you know about them.

Study Spanish in Montevideo while on vacation
If you are planning a vacation, taking classes at a Spanish language school in Montevideo provides a way to meet new people and do fun things while you are in Uruguay (as well as learn Spanish).

Study Spanish in Montevideo as a stepping-stone to a new life in Uruguay
If you are relocating to Uruguay, going to a Spanish language school is a great way to improve your Spanish, make connections, and really get to know Montevideo.

Study Spanish in Montevideo to facilitate a career objective

South America’s growing economies are attracting a lot of investment capital and attention from international business interests. There are Spanish language schools in Montevideo that will help you achieve your career oriented Spanish learning objectives.

Spanish Language Schools in Montevideo, Uruguay

La Herradura
 La Herradura Montevideo
Joaquíne de Saterain 1240
11200 Montevideo
(598) 2409-7894
  • Located in Montevideo’s Parque Rodo neighborhood
  • Has an affiliate school in Andalucía Spain
  • Has a variety of learning programs available
  • Has volunteer programs available after four weeks of intensive study at the school
  • Has on-site rooms for rent, and can make arrangements for an apartment or homestay
  • Informs students of local events and plans weekly student activities

Spanish Uruguay
(598) 2372-6550
  • Locations in Montevideo (near Parque Rodo), Atlántida, and now Punta del Este, too.  
  • Has an affiliate school in Buenos Aires
  • Individual and group classes
  • Can help make housing arrangement for homestay or apartment in Montevideo
  • Can provide area tours

Academia Uruguay
Juan Carlos Gomez 1408
Montevideo, CP 11000,
(598) 2915-2496
  • Located in Montevideo’s Ciudad Vieja (Old City) 
  • Has an affiliate school in Buenos Aires - can study at both with continuity
  • Individual and group classes - customized for student's objectives. 
  • Planed student activities 
  • Has volunteer programs available after three weeks of intensive study at the school 
  • Can make housing arrangements for a variety of housing options 
  • Has one-on-one internet classes for distance learning
  • Has Uruguay TV and radio on website to become accustomed to Uruguayan Spanish
University ORT Uruguay
ORT is a university located in Montevideo that has a special program for foreign students to spend a semester abroad in Uruguay. This semester program is available to college students who have completed six semesters of Spanish (or equivalent) at their home institution.
  • Semester includes Spanish language and culture workshops, field trips, and individual research projects.
  • Semester also includes up to 5 regular courses that are appropriate for the student’s academic background and Spanish language proficiency. 
  • Helps arrange housing such as student residence, homestay, or apartment. 
    Spanish students from La Herradura visit the countryside for horseback riding

    Tips for getting the most from your studies at a Spanish language school in Montevideo, Uruguay  

    Don’t divide your time while you study Spanish in Montevideo
    You will get more from your Spanish studies if you do not have other responsibilities or objectives competing for your time.

    Pre-study before you come
    What you will learn in person with quality instructors cannot be duplicated with a Spanish home-learning course. However, studying the basics with a Spanish home-study course before you come will help you take the greatest advantage of your class time.


    General said...

    I attended the Herradurra School for four weeks this past Oct./Nov. It was a fantastic way to learn Spanish, I learned a lot, made some great friends and plan on going back for another month sometime next year in order to be fluent. The teachers are all excellent and everyone is available if you need them. I stayed in one of the rooms in the school and found it to be a perfect springboard for seeing the city. I would strongly urge anyone looking to learn Spanish and see Uruguay to attend La Herradurra.

    Tres Cambios said...

    Since August, I've taken both an intensive four-week Spanish immersion course as well as on-and-off group lessons at La Herradura. I have only positive things to share about my experience with the school and highly urge those considering language study in Uruguay to look into the programs offered by La Herradura.

    Beyond the nice staff, personable teachers and central location in Montevideo, the school offers a great community for those visiting short- or long-term through local activities, cultural and entertaining.

    I highly recommend La Herradura.

    Katharina said...

    Last August I came to Uruguay knowing no Spanish whatsoever- except for "Hola, como estas?". But then I took an intensive five-week Spanish course at La Herradura in conversation and especially in grammar, and I quickly learned to express myself in correct Spanish.

    With the helpful staff and great teachers at La Herradura, learning Spanish does not feel like studying- it is fun!
    La Herradura does not only provide great classes with the accurate level of Spanish you need, it also gives you the perfect "Uruguay experience" with trips to the countryside and events for every day of the week.

    I recommend La Herradura to anyone who would like to study Spanish in Uruguay - you will have an amazing time!

    Anonymous said...
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    Nelson from California said...

    I studied at ILE Montevideo. The teachers are very well educated and can teach you Spanish at a professional level if you want. Classes are one-on-one, so you can start anytime. Besides the language, I learned a lot about Uruguay's history, culture, architecture, politics, etc. They are a sharp group. Highly recommended.

    Hannah said...

    I am currently in one of the rooms at La Herradura. I've been here one week and so far, the experience has been great. I've made a lot of friends and I've done a lot of various activities. Everyone is really nice.

    Frank Hoerner said...

    Hello, I am from Germany and have spent the last three months studying Spanish in Montevideo. I had a look at most of the schools mentioned above and while they all seem quite nice, I decided to go for Academia Uruguay which stands out for several reasons apart from the location: when you enter the school you will notice the difference in how they treat you, the emphasis they put on efficient learning, the full service they provide. I have been completely happy there and am now studying for another two weeks at their partner school in Buenos Aires. I have been to language schools in Malaga/Spain and Costa Rica and Academia Uruguay is a step above both of these prior experiences. When you go, ask for Paula and Florencia who have been more than helpful in orienting me in Montevideo and solving most of my requests.