Starting a business in Uruguay

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Christina said...

Great article--very helpful. I would add that if someone is thinking of exporting a product, they should consider import taxes of their destination country. For example, Uruguay and the United States don't have an open-trade agreement and duty can be as high as 16%! Likewise, think about how you will ship out of Uruguay. Shipping is by far the most expensive part of our small company, Textura. If you aren't exporting at a scale that could fill a container (or part of one), it can get pricey.


Paradise Uruguay said...

Christina, That is helpful first hand information. Thank you.

mark teuten said...

A very interesting and well researched article! As one of the people who may be alluded to above, I have to say that you have found an awful lot of information from lots of different sources.
For small businesses they should be aware that setting up a company and then the monthly fixed costs of keeping it going, even with no or very little activity are comparatively high - social security taxes have to be paid even if the company does not trade and are likely to be around U$S150 per month. General bureaucracy can also be a pain, but on the plus side the amount of investment needed to get a business going in Uruguay is generally negligble in comparison to other countries.

Anonymous said...

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