ANTEL Telecommunications Tower - Montevideo, Uruguay

The Telecommunications Tower, also known as the ANTEL Tower is the tallest building in Uruguay. It stands 158 meters (517 feet) tall and is situated across the street from the commercial harbor on the Bay of Montevideo. It was designed by the Uruguayan architect, Carlos Ott, and was completed in 2002. 

The ANTEL tower is owned by ANTEL, Uruguay’s state-owned telecommunications company. The tower is the most visible element of the Telecommunications Tower Complex, which is comprised of six buildings and public spaces. In addition to ANTEL's business offices and service center, the complex includes a telecommunications museum, an auditorium for conferences and music performances, and an amphitheater.

ANTEL Telecommunications Tower - tallest building in Uruguay

Entrance to ANTEL Telecommunications Complex
There is a special elevator for visitors that goes to the top floor to experience the panoramic view. 

View of Montevideo's Ciudad Vieja from the top of the ANTEL Tower


Anonymous said...

The Antel Tower offers complimentary tours to visitors...

Guatemala 1075 N of Centro
tel, info: 02 928 4417
15:30-17:00 Mon, Wed & Fri
10:30-12:00 Tue & Thu

The view is spectacular!

Paradise Uruguay said...

Thank you for sharing the information about the complimentary tours. Very helpful! You are right, the view from the top of the ANTEL Tower is great.

Fabiàn D. 1972 said...

The shape, like a sail is somewhat inspired in a design of a muslim architect that did a very expensive hotel, maybe in Dubai. It was planned in some years when they were mani contacts between Uruguay and Indonesia and Malaysia, I think during the 2nd presidency of Sanguinetti