Travel to Maldonado, Uruguay

Plaza de San Fernando de Maldonado
Maldonado, Uruguay was founded as a colonial city in 1755. It is the administrative seat of the Uruguayan Department of Maldonado, and has a year-round population of 55,500. It adjoins Punta del Este, South America’s most popular beach resort. The main industry is providing tourism related services in Punta del Este.

For those visiting Punta del Este, the City of Maldonado has historic points of interest, annual events, and great places to eat that are worth a visit.

Historic points of interest in Maldonado, Uruguay 

Plaza de San Fernando de Maldonado 
Maldonado’s main square is Plaza de San Fernando, which has trees, benches, and a statue of General José Artigas, Uruguay’s national hero.

Catedral San Fernando de Maldonado

Maldonado Cathedral
Located on Plaza de San Fernando is a large cathedral. The Cathedral site was established as a chapel in 1801 with plans for the complete construction of the current cathedral which was inaugurated in 1895 as the Catedral San Fernando de Maldonado.  The image of the “Virgin del Carmen” at the top of the altar is reported to have come from the steamship City of Santander, which sank off the coast of Punta del Este in 1829.

Cuartel de Dragones
Cuartel de Dragones (The Dragoons' Barracks)
Located diagonally from the Plaza de San Fernando at the corner of 18 Julio and 25 de Mayo are the remnants of a Spanish garrison that was started in 1771 and completed in 1797. Today, the site has a chapel and a large open patio that are used for weddings and public ceremonies. General José Artigas stayed at the walled barracks in 1797.

Torre del Vigia
Torre del Vigia (Tower of Vigilance)
A few blocks away from Plaza de Fernando (on Rafael Perez del Puerto Street between Solis and Zelmar Michelini) is Plaza de Vigia where there is a 13 meter tall tower. The Torre del Vigia was constructed in 1800 and used to monitor ship traffic coming into the area.

Annual Events in Maldonado, Uruguay 

Seven-a-side Rugby (Rugby Sevens)
A Seven-a-side Rugby tournament is held at Maldonado’s Municipal stadium (Estadio Municipal Domingo Burgueño Miguel). The tournament, which is held in January each year, started as a regional event in 1989.  It has since become part of the international rugby circuit drawing teams and fans from all over the world.

Corrida San Fernando (San Fernando 10k run)
The Corrida San Fernando is a10 kilometer run that goes through the streets of Maldonado and finishes on the Punta del Este Peninsula. The race is held in early January and draws runners from Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina, as well as Uruguay. There is also a small delegation of Kenyan distance runners who come to (and often win) the race each year.

Where to Shop
Extending north from the plaza is a pedestrian street, Calle Sarandi, which is lined with stores, shops, and places to eat.

Where to eat in Maldonado, Uruguay

Lo de Ruben Parilla
Santa Teresa 846
A popular traditional barbecue restaurant

Ventura Alegre 633
“Q” is the “with it” place to go for wine, appetizers, and deserts, as well as a full dining menu.

Oca Bianca
Román Guerra 714
Oca Bianca is a genuine family restaurant with great pizza and pasta.
Located three blocks from the Plaza near the corner of Arturo Santana

"Sí, Querida"
Ventura Alegre 236
Sí, Querida is a delightful little insider’s spot tucked away in a residential neighborhood near the hospital. It has great pizza, specialties, and salads.

El Grillo 
A hotdog window on the Sarandi pedestrian street located one block north of the Plaza de San Fernando at the corner of Ituzaingo. El Grillo makes a GIANT milanesa sandwich called "Tortugon" that comes with your choice of additional ingredients and condiments.

Getting there 
From Punta del Este 
If you are staying in Punta del Este, Maldonado’s Centro is a short drive or taxi ride.
From Montevideo 
The City of Maldonado is 125 kilometers from Montevideo.
There is direct service between Montevideo’s main bus terminal and the Maldonado bus terminal.


Dave said...

How are prices here? Are you still paying resort prices since you are so close to Punta del Esta

Paradise Uruguay said...

Dave, The stores and restaurants are geared to the people living in Maldonado as opposed to vacationers. Dining out in Maldonado is generally significantly less than in the resort area restaurants.