Seven reasons to Learn Spanish in Uruguay

Learning Spanish in Uruguay or other Spanish speaking country makes the learning process a more gratifying experience. Your social interactions reinforce your class studies, you learn about a new place, a new culture, and form new relationships.

Where’s the best country to learn Spanish?
Here are seven reasons to learn Spanish in Uruguay.

1) Uruguay is the  most stable country in South America
Uruguay is also rated as having the highest level of political and economic stability in South America.

2) Uruguay doesn’t have hurricanes, earthquakes, or tropical diseases
Uruguay does not have earthquakes, hurricanes, or tropical diseases. It also doesn’t have any atmospheric pollution.

4) The people of Uruguay are prosperous, well educated, and friendly
Uruguay is ranked as having the highest level of prosperity in Latin America by the Legatum Institute, which rates countries level of prosperity based on economic factors combined with a country’s quality of life. Uruguayans, as a whole, are the most educated people in South America. The great majority of Uruguayans are friendly and kind toward visitors.

5) Things in Uruguay work
Uruguay has the most reliable electrical system and the best road system in Latin America. There is good drinking water throughout the country. Uruguay has widespread cell phone and Internet access. Uruguay also has a good bus system.

6) Uruguay has several good Spanish language schools to choose from
Uruguay has several effective Spanish language schools in Montevideo, Uruguay’s Capital City. Spanish schools in Montevideo offer a variety of learning programs including intensive and immersion courses for rapid progress.

7) There is a lot to see and do
Uruguay has over 300 kilometers of coastline with many beautiful beaches, including Punta del Este, the most popular beach resort in South America.

Montevideo, Uruguay’s capital has a lot of interesting period architecture, picturesque plazas, and monuments. There are also several theaters, museums, galleries, great restaurants, movie theaters, and nightclubs.

Uruguay’s countryside has vast rolling prairies, wooded valleys, beautiful rivers, natural hot springs, and lots of interesting wildlife.

Some of the Spanish language schools in Montevideo have regularly planned trips that enable you to get to know the country while you learn Spanish in Uruguay.

Get the most out of your in-person class time by getting a head start before you arrive with a Spanish home-learning course. 

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