Uruguay celebrates Copa America 2011 victory!

Uruguay national team - Copa America 2011 champions 
Uruguay’s national soccer team won the Copa America, the most important soccer event in Latin America, which took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina from July 1 through July 24th, 2011.

When Uruguay won the final match against Paraguay, the people of Montevideo came out to celebrate. There were people wearing Uruguayan flags like capes, people with their faces painted with the colors of the Uruguayan flag, and people wearing sky-blue wigs. Some people were shooting off fireworks and others took to the streets in cars and trucks, honking their horns and waving Uruguayan flags out the windows.

Celebration on the streets of Montevideo after Copa America 2011 victory

The Uruguayan national team (known as “La Celeste”) flew back from Buenos Aires the same night, landing in Montevideo’s Carrasco Airport at 11 pm. After arriving, the team started for Centenary Stadium where more than 60,000 fans awaited. However, with the filled streets and pressing crowds, the Uruguayan team did not arrive at the stadium until three in the morning.

How Uruguay became Copa America 2011 champions
On July 16th, after a 1 to 1 tie game, Uruguay edged out the favored Argentina national team in a 5 to 4 penalty shootout in the quarter finals.
On July 19th Uruguay beat Peru in the semi finals 2 – 0.
On July 24th, Uruguay dominated the field during the final match beating Paraguay 3 -0, becoming the continent’s champion soccer team.

Other Copa America awards for Uruguay
In addition to winning the Copa America championship title, Uruguay striker Luis Suárez won the Most Valuable Player Award. Twenty-year-old Sebastian Coats won the Best Young Player Award. Additionally, the Uruguay team was awarded the Copa America Fair Play Trophy.

The Uruguay national team holds the record for the most Copa America championships, with 15 titles, followed by Argentina with 14 championship titles. The last time Uruguay won a Copa America championship was in 1995.

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