La Posta de Vaimaca – Authentic rural dining in Pueblo Eden, Uruguay

Pueblo Eden, Uruguay
Pueblo Eden, Uruguay is a small town with a population of just a few hundred set in a rural area of hills, valleys, and granite outcroppings. It is located 40 kilometers north of Punta del Este on Ruta 12. Pueblo Eden’s town center has a large lawn plaza with benches and palm trees, bordered by a small chapel, a public school, and small homes.

Just one block off the central plaza is a restaurant called La Posta de Vaimaca that advertises “slow food in a slow town”. It is a rustic place with a wood burning heating stove in the middle and overhead lights with armadillo shell lampshades over the serving bar.

Pueblo Eden
La Posta de Vaimaca serves lamb, duck, chicken, and rabbit, as well as a pasta dish for vegetarians. They use all local ingredients, which are prepared fresh every day. And by local ingredients I mean you see the lambs in the nearby fields and the ducks and chickens in pens behind the restaurant. Everything is cooked in a large wood burning oven or over a wood burning cooking stove.  The signature dish is the baked lamb.

Ten years ago Robert Giordano, a famous Argentine hairstylist, built a grand estate just a couple miles outside of Pueblo Eden. When in the area he made Sunday dinners with his guests at La Posta de Vaimaca a part of his routine. Giordana’s discovery caught on and today going to Pueblo Eden to enjoy the countryside and eat at La Posta de Vaimaca has become a popular side trip for vacationers and travelers.

Pueblo Eden is located on Route 12 at Kilometer 30 (13 kilometers north of Ruta 9).
La Posta de Vaimaca is near the Pueblo Eden school, one block off the town’s central square.
It is open for lunch during the off-season from Tuesday through Sunday (closed on Mondays). In the high season months of January and February, they are also open for dinner.  Reservations are strongly recommended on Sundays and during high season: 4410-2017

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