Montevideo Airport - one of the 10 most loved airports in the world

According to a recent poll reported on the CNN Go website, Montevideo’s Carrasco International airport is among the 10 most loved airports in the world. It came in number 9, right after Victoria International in Victoria, Canada, and before Auckland Airport in Auckland, New Zealand. The first place position went to Hong Kong International airport.

The article report’s that Uruguay’s Carrasco Airport has earned a level of enthusiasm that is rare for airports in the Americas. The article sited Carrasco Airport’s beauty, cleanliness, and efficiency, and described its appearance as sleek, glassy, and curvaceous. It went on to state that things that might disappoint passengers at regular airports, like no large food court, give this airport an air of sophistication.

The Montevideo Carrasco International airport terminal was designed by Uruguayan architect Rafael Vinoly and completed at the very end of 2009 at a cost of 165 million US dollars. The completed project has become an architectural icon and a symbol of pride for the people of Uruguay.

The terminal has a floor area of 45,000 square meters (484,376 square feet). It has a large curved roof with a surface area of just under 10 acres. The interior is open and transparent with lots of glass, providing natural light and a sense of openness. Planes taking off and landing can be viewed from the Terminal’s large terrace.

The airport has parking for 1,200 cars, 44 check-in desks, 24 immigration counters, four telescoping boarding tunnels, and three baggage belts, enabling the facility to handle a volume of 4.5 million travelers per year.

Airport services 
The terminal has a large duty-free gift shop, along with other small gift shops, and a drug store. There is a McDonald’s restaurant on the ground floor and a coffee shop on the terrace. There is a luggage storage service, a currency exchange counter, and an HSBC bank. The airport has an official Uruguay tourism office with lots of helpful information and maps, as well as two private travel agencies. There is a COT bus line ticket office outside the terminal, not far the lower level’s main entrance. COT has regular service from the airport to both Montevideo’s main bus terminal, Tres Cruses, and to Punta del Este. There are also taxis and several car rental agencies.

The Montevideo Carrasco Airport terminal is said to have one of the best VIP facilities and services in Latin America. Facilities include the VIP lounge with ultramodern furnishings, meeting rooms, and showers. Services include Fast Pass, VIP check-in, and valet parking.

Flights and Carriers 
The airport serves regular flights between Montevideo and Buenos Aires, several points in Brazil, and Spain, Panama, Peru, and the USA. Airlines with flights to Montevideo’s Carrasco Airport include Aerolinas Argentinas, Aeromás, Air Class, Air France, American Airlines, BQB Líneas Aéreas, Copa Airlines, Gol, Linhas Aéreas, Iberia, LAN, Luthansa, Pluna, TACA, TAM Airlines, and SOL.

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Anonymous said...

Don't know Auckland or Victoria airports, but do know Hong Kong and many others - and I don't know a more beautiful one than Carrasco !
GM from NY

Paradise Uruguay said...

Thank you for your comment GM!

phuket holidays said...

The airport looks amazing. I am impressed by the careful planning for the interiors that is coupled with naturism.