New Uruguay immigration policy tests the applicant’s intent to live in Uruguay

Montevideo attorney, Mark Teuten, has informed us that the Uruguayan Immigration Office is now applying a criteria of "intent to reside permanently" to all applicants. To that effect, they are examining people's immigration records and if they note that a person has come into Uruguay, filed for residency, and then immediately left and not come back, then the application will be rejected.

To avoid an application being rejected therefore it is necessary to keep coming back into the country on a very regular basis whilst the application is pending. Even in this case, though it is not a guarantee that an application will be accepted.

The bottom line seems to be that the Immigration Office may well only grant residency for people who are really living here for the majority of the time.

If you have questions on how this applies to your circumstances, please contact:

Mark Teuten
Teuten Abogados
Juncal 1408, Oficina 702
CP 11000 Montevideo - Uruguay
Tel: + (598 2) 9088638
Fax: + (598 2) 9088640

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Anonymous said...

Why do you suppose people are applying for residency if they don't plan to live most of the time in Uruguay?

Paradise Uruguay said...

That is a good question.

I suspect that some people are applying for residency to assure their ability to live full-time in Uruguay in the future. As an example, someone who plans to move to Uruguay in three or four years when they retire.

Anonymous said...

Everyone with a cedula has a different story to tell about it.

Paradise Uruguay said...

I bet you are right.

Don P said...

I plan to arrive in May and depart a few months later in either July or August, but with a return ticket in hand. I am already retired, and hope to move to Uruguay as my more-or-less permanent base. However, I'll be going back and forth to the US with increasingly long stays in Uruguay for a few years. Any comment on what I might do to improve the odds of approval?

Paradise Uruguay said...


Thanks for your comment. Your plan seems reasonable. Many residents need to travel for work.I would contact Mark Teuten and get his advice on this matter.

Paradise Uruguay said...

A Uruguay Insider subscriber who is living in Uruguay and applying for residency, wrote after this post was published. He informed us that the notification for his appointment with the immigration office came by mail to his home in Uruguay.