La Fonda del Pesca, affordable seafood dining in Punta del Este

El Pesca
Where can two people go out for a fish dinner in Punta del Este for less than 30 US dollars? The answer is La Fonda del Pesca (The restaurant of Pesca) a small colorful place located on the Punta del Este Peninsula, just half a block off Gorlero on 29th Street.

The specialty is the filet of brotola (a light white meat fish with large flakes). The brotola at La Fonda del Pesca is moist and tender. It comes with a choice of rice, potatoes, or salad.

La Fonda del Pesca located on the Punta del Este Peninsula
The owner and cook goes by the nickname El Pesca . He has owned and run the place for 13 years and is there every day. The restaurant is more than the place he works. It is his world. When his friends and family want to visit him, they come to La Fonda de Pesca.

Interior of La Fonda de Pesca
El Pesca is from a large family with eight brothers, all of whom are either fishermen or cooks. His brothers, who fish in Punta del Este, fish at night and sell their catch in the morning. Two of his siblings cook at the Sheraton Hotel in Montevideo.
Brotola and rice at Fonda del Pesca

El Pesca was born and raised in Montevideo. When he was a young teenager, he came from Montevideo to Punta del Este on the bus to surf. He has also surfed in Brazil and Peru. When he became an adult, he moved to Punta del Este. He worked in many of the best restaurants in town for 27 years before opening La Fonda de Pesca.

The story of El Pesca and his restaurant  is told on the walls with newspaper clipping, photographs, and painted murals. The most prominent image on the wall is a mural of El Pesca holding a baby. It is El Pesca’s son who  is now six-years-old. The boy already likes to swim and surf. “He is like a little dolphin”, El Pesca says proudly.

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