Montevideo’s street fairs abound with great bargains

Feria in Montevideo
Ferias ('fairs') are neighborhood street markets that are set up for one or two days in a week in most Uruguayan cities. In Montevideo, where half of Uruguay's population lives, there are several ferias that set up on designated streets and parks in different neighborhoods on different days.

Fruits and vegetables at the feria in the Montevideo neigborhood of Parque Rodó   
Some ferias are mostly fresh whole foods, like a farmer's market. Some ferias are mostly arts and crafts. Others have whole foods, arts and crafts, and all kinds of other goods for sale such as clothes and household products, and even used items. They are like a giant swap meet. 

Whole food at the ferias in the Montevideo neighborhoods of Parque Rodó and Punta Carretas
At the feria’s that sell food, there may be a dozen vendors selling fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition, there are usually trailers selling chicken, cheese and eggs, and freshly caught fish. The quality is generally better than you can get at a grocery store, and the prices are a lot lower.

Goods for sale at the feria in the Montevideo neighborhood of Punta Carretas
Lower right: Karin Ledl
Candombe drummers at the
Punta Carretas feria
Some of the largest ferias have over a hundred stalls set up selling all kinds of goods in addition to food and arts and crafts including homemade canned foods, clothes, kitchenware, plants, you name it. At these larger ferias there is a real fair atmosphere with trailers set up selling hot dogs and chivitos (a Uruguayan sandwich), and soft drinks. There may also be entertainers, such as jugglers or Candombe drummers performing for tips.

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