Sunday Expat Meeting – gathering every Sunday in Montevideo, Uruguay since 2005

The Sunday Expat Meeting is a weekly lunch gathering in Montevideo, Uruguay. Sunday is traditionally a family day in Uruguay, and this lunch meeting has a family feel. If you are an English speaking expat or traveler, this is the place to come for warm conversation and a good meal.

The Sunday Expat Meeting was originated by Glen Roberts, an expat from the United States (via Costa Rica) and the manager of the website, Total Uruguay.

“When I moved to Uruguay in June of 2005, it was very uncommon to run into foreigners that spoke English. There were many social opportunities with Uruguayans but few opportunities to meet North Americans and other foreigners..,” says Glen.

So, Glen made a post on his website announcing a lunch gathering for North Americans in Uruguay.  “The first meeting had four people. I was surprised... I wasn't sure anyone would come. But the very first week there were people and it went from there,” says Glen.

After that first meeting, Glen realized that English speakers from all over the world (including English speaking Uruguayans) were interested in getting together, and he quickly changed his focus from Americans to English speakers.

At first, Glen didn’t tell other people at the gatherings that he was the meeting’s organizer. He, like everyone else, was there to meet new people, socialize, and trade notes about life in Uruguay. However, as the Sunday Expat Meeting became a fixture of the Montevideo expat community, Glen saw the need to be more active as an organizer to safeguard the family feel of the meetings.

Montevideo Sunday Expat Meetings at Fellini's Restaurant  images by Total Uruguay
The Sunday Expat Meeting has been held every Sunday in Montevideo since that first meeting on November 20th, 2005. Anywhere from 5 to 50 people show up for the gathering, with an average of 15.

One of the hallmarks of the Sunday Expat Meeting is simplicity. It is held at the same day and time every week, rain or shine (even on Christmas day when it fell on a Sunday this last year).

The Sunday Expat Meeting is currently being held at Fellini’s, a popular Italian restaurant in the Montevideo neighborhood of Pocitos. There is often a bandoneon player at Fellini's setting a nice mood (see video below).

The restaurant has a special table reserved for the group. When Glen cannot make it to the meetings, they are hosted by Sonia Duerte.

 Fellini’s Restobarreto is located at the corner of Juan Benito Blanco and Jose Marti. The meeting is open to everyone. No reservations are needed. To confirm location and see a map

Bandoneon player at the Sunday Expat Lunch in Montevideo.

The home page for Total Uruguay is


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Hurray for Sonia and Glen ... helping expats for many years. Thanks from a grateful attendee!

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Great article, Paradise. I've been there a zillion times to the meetings and I still enjoyed the article. Good job!


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