Five more things to do in Colonia, Uruguay

Colonia's Barrio Histórico waterfront 
One of the most popular posts on this blog is Colonia del Sacramento, which includes a list of Colonia’s main attractions. However, there is a lot more to see and do with just a little looking around. Following are five more things that Karin Ledl has enjoyed on her visits to Colonia.

La Calle de los Supriros (The street of sighs) in Colonia del Sacramento

Stroll along the cobblestone streets of Colonia’s Barrio Histórico (Old Town)
Discover Colonia’s subtle marvels, like the lush bougainvilleas leaning over the narrow pedestrian streets, the cast iron street lamps, and the scripted street-name signs. Don’t miss walking down Calle de los Suspiros (The Street of Sighs), an emblematic street from the 17th century, and that, according to local legend, took its name from the brothels that used to be located here.

Almacen La Carlota in Colonia del Sacramento
Visit Almacen La Carlota (The shop of Carlota)
Amacen La Carlota is a corner general store in a typical single story colonial-era building.  It was the set of the protagonist’s home in the 1993 production “De Eso no se Habla”, starring Marcello Mastroianni and directed by Maria Luisa Bemberg. Today the store still displays a vast array of items. If you feel inclined to shop here, there are a lot of options from small souvenirs to artwork, and most everybody will find something to take home. (Calle Real 150, US dollars accepted).

Trailer for the 1993 film,De Eso no se Habla, set in the 1930s 

Have lunch or dinner at El Meson de la Plaza restaurant 
Located in front of the Plaza Manuel Lobo and the Holy Sacrament Basilica, El Meson de la Plaza presents a remarkably well-conserved architecture. Both Portuguese and Spanish styles converge here, and there are also many antiques on display. The cuisine is international with diverse options, like cheese fondue, black ravioli, and grilled salmon in orange sauce. Oftentimes there is also a guitarist playing soft background music. (Vasxoncellos 153; Monday to Friday 12-15 hs and 20-23:30 hs, Saturdays and Sundays until 01:00 am).

Go Shopping 
Calle de Portugal, Colonia del Sacramento
When you feel like shopping (or if you need an air-conditioned respite in the middle of a hot summer day) head to the Colonia Shopping mall.  Set in a modern glass and concrete building, there are over 30 stores to browse and two movie theaters. Also, in Barrio Historica (especially near Plaza Mayor) little shops abound that sell a variety of goods ranging from tourist trinkets to some really nice artwork.

Visit the Pencil Museum 
The Pencil Museum is a private museum that holds two Guinness records (2002 and 2005), and by its oddity has become a local legend. It has a display of over 14,000 pens. But there are more objects as well: 31,000 key rings, 12,000 match boxes, 4,300 pins, 4,000 ashtrays, and 3,500 perfume bottles. The Pencil Museum is located outside of Colonia del Sacramento at the Granja Arenas, a family-operated farm that sells homemade products like jams and marmalades. (Ruta 1 km 167, open every day, tel. 4520-2025. Free admittance)

by Karin Ledl

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