15-minute Uruguay video tour

So, what is Uruguay like? It is an opened end question I hear frequently. Without knowing the interests of the person asking, it is hard to know where to begin. While it is impossible to give a short answer that really gets across what Uruguay is like, this 15-and-a-half minute video comes close.

It shows several parts of the country including Montevideo, Punta del Este, Colonia, the Department of Rocha, and the rural interior. It also touches on some of Uruguay´s human development statistics, wildlife, agricultural products, recreation and entertainment opportunities, sports, music, and festivals.

Some of the video´s points about Uruguay:
  • 97% literacy rate
  • 1 doctor for every 260 people
  • Life expectancy of 72 years
  • 98% of the country has electricity
  • 100% digitized telephone system
  • Drinkable water throughout the country
  • One of the lowest levels of environmental pollution on the planet


  • The video is produced by Uruguay´s ministry of tourism. It was first posted about a year ago, but is a compilation of other videos. For this reason the diplomatic and political information is dated.
  • The video mentions MERCOSUR. This is the Southern Cone trade block (similar to the European Union). Until very recently, the Mercosur countries were Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Argentina.
  • The video mentions that mate is a tradition of Guarani origin. Guarani is the name of an indigenous people of South America.

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