Thirty-three ways to make a living from anywhere with an Internet connection

By David Hammond

I'm receiving a growing number of messages asking about ways to make a living in Uruguay, as well as other Latin American countries. 

So I've been paying attention and taking notes. 

In doing so, I'm seeing expat earners in these five categories: 

  • Those who get jobs in the local economy.
  • Those who get jobs with entities with a presence in Uruguay (think embassies, international commissions, and companies with contracts in Uruguay)
  • Those who become self-employed in the local economy.
  • Those who make a living renting their own properties.
  • Those who make a living working online. 
As I pay attention, I see that the last category, make a living working online, can be broken down into several additional categories--one of which is providing personal services. 

As technology continues to advance, the list of services that can be effectively provided online gets longer. As this happens, a growing number of people no longer “go to work”, but rather, “do their work” in a place and setting of their choice.

With video conferencing programs like Skype, face-to-face meetings and a range of personal instruction can be conducted online (for free).

So, what are some of the services a portable professional can provide online? Following is a list of 33 that I know of:

1. Travel writing (what I do) 
2. Financial writing
3. Copywriting
4. Review writing
5. Technical writing
6. Editing / Proofreading
7. Translating

IT Related
8. Website design
9. Software development, including games, plug-ins, mobile aps
10. Network and database administrator 
11. Project management
12. Social media manager

13. Accounting and bookkeeping
14. Data entry
15. Sales
16. Customer service
17. Limited personal assistance
18. Business planning
19. Order and payment processing

20. Consulting: industry, subject, country, compliance, applications and processes, etc. 
21. Business planning
22. Career coaching: sales, real estate, management, and leadership
23. Personal coaching: relationship, health and wellness, and retirement

24. Tutoring grades 1 - 12: math, science, English, and SAT preparation
25. Tutoring adults: preparation for professional and trade specific testing
26. Language instruction
27. A craft or handiwork instruction

28. Graphic design
29. Illustrating
30. Video production
31. Animation
32. Music composition
33. Music mastering

Those are 33 personal services that I know of that people are performing from a distance. Can you think of others?

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