HIT: The story of Uruguayan songs that make history

What do you think it takes for a song to become a hit?

That was the quest of  producer/directors Adriana Loeff and Claudia Abend in their 2008 Uruguayan music documentary, Hit, historias de canciones que hicieron historia (Hit, the story of songs that make history). 

The duo interviewed two dozen Uruguayan musicians exploring the people, stories, and historic settings behind the songs that became Uruguay's musical hits of the last 50 years. The documentary includes original song clips and vintage images.

Hit is a smartly made film that comes off unpretentious and honest. It has received high marks from both critics and audiences. I liked it, too! I appreciate how the story unfolds at a pace that seems natural.

What do you think it takes for a music documentary to become a hit, for it to make a place for itself as an authentic and respected tribute?
See Hit and find out.

“There once was a country that had no songs of its own”

“Until a man wrote a song”

“Stories of songs that make history”

“The identity of a country through its music”

Hit, historias de canciones que hicieron historia
82 minutes
Co-produced by MetrĂ³polis Films
DVD has option of English subtitles

Where to get Hit:
Most video rental stores in Uruguay
Purchase in South America through MetrĂ³polis Films
Purchase in North America through (with subtitles in English) with this link: Hit Historias De Canciones Que Hicieron Historia
 Watch in three parts on Youtube (without subtitles)

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