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Feel like going out on the town in Montevideo? If so, you have a lot of options. On the Saturday I am writing this post there are more than 50 live theater performances scheduled for tonight. There are more than 20 live music venues, and 29 different movie titles showing in 13 different multi-screen theaters across town.

Live Theater in Montevideo 
When people mention Montevideo theater, the first place that often comes to mind is the Teatro Solis (Solis Theater). It is a beautiful neoclassic theater building completed in 1856. It is located in Montevideo’s Ciudad Vieja (Old City). The Solis maintains a full and vibrant schedule of interesting events.

You'll also find a full schedule of live performances at Montevideo’s modern Auditorio Nacional Adela Reta (Adela Reta National Auditorium) also located in Ciudad Vieja. The Adela Reta has the largest stage in Montevideo and is a part of SODRE, a 1929 legal mandate by the Uruguayan government to encourage the production and dissemination of a variety of cultural and information programs.

Besides these two large and prestigious theaters, you'll find a plethora of small theaters and places where live actors perform.

On just about any weekend you can choose from dozens of live performances. (As I mentioned, this weekend there are 50.) Many receive good reviews. The cost of admission for many of the smaller theater productions in Montevideo range from 250 to 400 pesos (from around 8.5 to 14 US dollars).

Live Music in Montevideo  
On the average weekend Montevideo also has plenty of live music options in a variety of different settings. Most concerts are priced between 150 and 300 pesos (about 5 to 10 US dollars).

Movies in Montevideo 
Montevideo has an abundance of cinemas and movie choices. The cost of a first-run movie ranges from between 180 and 260 pesos (around 6 to 8.50 US dollars) depending on show time. Three-D movies can be a little more.

Movies made in English usually have some showings in the original English with Spanish subtitles and separate showings that are dubbed in Spanish.

Art and cult movies in Montevideo
Montevideo has a small chain of art theaters called Cinemateca that shows art movies, cult classics, offbeat and unusual films, and a broad variety of foreign films.

The best Montevideo entertainment guide
The best one-stop online guide to what is going on in Montevideo is Cartelera (Billboard). Here you'll find a huge updated list of most theater events, live music performances, and movies, which can be searched a variety of ways.

In addition to theater, music and film, Cartelera has a list of art exhibits in Montevideo (both permanent exhibits and special expositions). You'll also find a Montevideo restaurant guide and guide to Montevideo’s pubs and nightclubs.

And thanks to Internet browsers with translating options like Google Translate, its possible to learn what's going in Montevideo in the language of your choice.

Average prices updated May, 2016. 

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