Yerba Mate in Uruguay - How to cure the mate gourd and prepare the mate

Yerba mate is a green tea-like herb that is made into an infusion and drunk from a hollow gourd using a metal straw. It is a popular drink in Uruguay, Northern Argentina, Southern Brazil, and Paraguay. Uruguayans are the largest per capita consumers of Mate in the world.

Yerba mate was first harvested and made into a tea drink by the indigenous GuaranĂ­. Jesuits worked with the GuaranĂ­ to develop a domestic version of the plant and started a formal industry of growing, preparing, and distributing the herb.

Yerba Mate is made from the leaves of a type of holly tree. It is drunk from a hollow gourd also called a "mate", using a metal straw called a bombilla. Before it is used, a mate gourd must be cured, which is explained by Karin Ledl in the following video.

Drinking mate is often a ritual often shared by friends. In the following video Karin Ledl demonstrates how to prepare mate.

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Explorer said...

Thank you, Karin. That was a really great presentation and very informative.

I had just recently purchased a mate gourd and was about to start using it, I am glad I didn't until seeing this video as I would have ruined it. Now I will be able to prepare it properly and have a good "friend" in my gourd of a long time.

Muchas gracias.