A few pictures from a perfect day in Punta del Este

Gazebo at the Punta del Este Marina

Friday was All Souls Day, which makes this first weekend in November a long one. The weather is perfect - clear and sunny -warm, but not too hot. Everything to do with the natural environment and customer service is unfolding like a perfectly written script. 
Playa El Emir (El Emir Beach) on the Punta del Este Peninsula
Playa El Emir is a little triangle of sand tucked into the east side of the Punta del Este Peninsula. There are longer beaches that go on for miles just north from here at the base of Peninsula.

Surfers heading out at El Emir on the Punta del Este Peninsula
The east side of the Punta del Este Peninsula is known as the Playa Brava (Brave or Wild Beach). Playa Brava gets good waves when the conditions are right. El Emir has a reef, which gives the waves a good shape for surfing. Today there is an inside break with small but very ridable waves. There is also an outside point break with bigger waves.

Waterfront dining on the west side of the Punta del Este Peninsula
All the restaurants seemed full, but none had lines of waiting people. (Part of the perfect script I mentioned.) This picture is taken on the west side of the Peninsula, known as the Mansa side (the calm or tame side). This is the outdoor seating for the restaurants El Secreto and Guappa.

Small sailboat race off the western shore of the Punta del Este Peninsula
Also, off the Mansa side of the Peninsula is a race of small sailboats.

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