Aerial images of the Punta del Este Peninsula

Punta del Este Peninsula
The Punta del Este Peninsula is the official dividing point between the Atlantic Ocean and the Rio de la Plata (River of Silver). The east side of the Peninsula faces the Atlantic ocean and gets more current and waves. The west side of the Peninsula (seen in this image) is protected and is the location of the Punta del Este marina. Local fishermen bring in fresh fish that is sold off the boats and in fish stands at the marina.

End of the Punta del Este Peninsula
The central part of the Peninsula has several 18-story residential towers. The end of the Peninsula is low density with mostly single family homes on their own lots. Pictured to the right is the Punta del Este lighthouse, which was finished in 1860. The light blue building with the red roof is the Candelaria Church. It is a famous landmark and a popular place for weddings. 
Central part and base of the Punta del Este Peninsula
This is the east side of the central part of the Punta del Este Peninsula. It is called the Brava side (meaning brave or wild side). The rocky coastline here is a popular place to fish. There are sand beaches near the base of the Peninsula that are good places to surf when the conditions are right. 

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