Punta del Este Food and Wine Festival

The weekend of October 26th - 28th, 2012 marked the third annual Punta del Este Food and Wine Festival. It is an event that is attracting foodies and wine lovers from all over the region - and the world.

The festival was composed of nine culinary events, each in a unique setting. Attending were 25 talented chefs from Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, the United States, and Israel. One of the events was titled Siete Fuegos (Seven Fires), that was held in the Publo Garzón Plaza, put on by Francis Mallman. (Shown in the video below.) Mallman is a famous regional chef who put Pueblo Garzón on the map with his Hotel and Restaurant Garzón.

In addition to the variety of interesting foods, there were over 100 wines. At Mallman’s event alone, the wines served represented 11 wineries from six countries: Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, and France.

There was nothing skimpy or second rate about this event. It was well funded by a large host of international and domestic sponsors.  The main sponsor was the Mantra Resort Hotel.

Moisés Contreras at Playa Vik
Many people in Uruguay's expat community know Moisés Contreras. He is an expat from San Diego who moved to Punta del Este four years ago with his wife and daughter. When he couldn't find Mexican food, he started making his own corn tortillas and salsas for his family and friends.

The chips and salsa business turned out to be the first step in a progression of events that led Moisés to open his own Punta del Este Mexican food restaurant, Calexico.

Moises unique Mexican food dishes have been well received by the local restaurant community. He was invited to be one of three chefs that served their own food creations at the Punta del Este Food and Wine Festival event's "Sunset Chillout and Dance". which was held on October 27th in Jose Ignacio.

Next year’s Punta del Este Food and Wine Festival is already scheduled for October 25th through 27th, 2013. Don't miss out!

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