A magical evening at the Caras magazine party in Punta del Este

Karin Ledl at Caras magaizine
 partyin Punta del Este 
The annual CARAS magazine party is a Punta del Este legend. Karin Ledl, one of the 300 invitees, shares her experience: 

The word “Caras” means “faces” in Spanish – and it’s a great name for a weekly magazine that features the faces of the rich and the famous in Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil.

Every summer the magazine throws a legendary party in Punta del Este. It’s the moment for the fortunate guests to get together and mingle in a magical evening of fun, entertainment and surprises.

This year the date was January 14th. The location was the Parador Chiringo, on the beach near Punta Ballena. Early in the morning the beach had already been closed to the public to prepare for the arrival of the 300 guests lucky enough to score an invite.

Security was tight – over a dozen men dressed in black suits, communicating with mini-headsets, patrolled the area and made sure there was absolutely no chance of crashing this party.

I was lucky enough to be invited. 

I took a bold step onto the red carpet and prepared myself for the amazing evening.

Upon arrival we were served a selection of champagne and wines accompanied by delicious hors d’oevre. While feasting on such delicacies as caramelized onions en croute, smoked salmon blinis and goat cheese rolls, we watched two artists dressed like the Cirque de Soleil performers dancing on a stage setup on the beach. One of them resembled an exotic blue bird, with long feathers and futuristic stilts; the body of the second one was covered in golden sand and bronze tattoos that replicated the intricate design of a pair of golden horns on his head.

Two Citroen cars flanked the stage and there was a living room area on the sand with comfy white sofas provided by the prestigious Bethel spa. There was also a tent by Chivas where guests could linger on white settees and relax to the sound of electronic music.

After the sun set among red and violet clouds, the music grew louder and the famous actors and models started to congregate on the stage for the photo shoot that will be the next cover of Caras magazine. Nicole Neumann and Gabriel Corrado were two of the faces there. As for the rest, you will have to wait until the next issue of Caras.

Following the photo shoot the main course was served, a delicious risotto with calamari and seafood, followed by fresh fruit and a chocolate fountain that attracted a nice crowd. Finally, fireworks closed the evening and left the guests to dance away the rest of the night to the beat of the best electronic music.

It was truly a magical evening that will be remembered all year long, perhaps the best party of the season in Punta del Este - until next year...

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