Days of fashion and glamour in Punta del Este

Punta del Este fashion show, deigns by Nicolas Osano
By Karin Ledl
On the first weekend of February,  Punta del Este was invaded by an army of models, designers, and the most beautiful fashions of the summer. On each day, four Latin American designers showed off their collections to the beat of electronic music at the Conrad Hotel. I was lucky to get a front row seat to report to you the latest tendencies.

Design by Charlotte
Though all the designers were fantastic, the best collections were the night gowns and grande fete dresses from Nicolas Osano , Charlotte (Uruguay) and Cosano (Argentina). The lights came down and then suddenly up again. Nicolas Osano’s first model strutted down the catwalk clad in an array of multicolored layers of silk that worked together like a happy and perfect rainbow.

The designer made broad use of transparent fabrics with strategically sewn details, as well as layers upon layers of gauze and light textures floating on the catwalk. His models insinuated gamine sensuality, the contours of the body marked to ignite the imagination. Strong vivid colors such as turquoise alternated with muted creams and soft violets. The beautiful bride in a vaporous white dress closed this gem of a collection.

Design by Cosano
The next day, Charlotte inaugurated her collection with a fantastic red dress, snug to the body throughout the knees. The models looked splendid in stone embroidered gowns, again lots of transparencies and layers.

You will certainly not go unnoticed in these dresses.  This collection shows definitely displayed more skin than Osano. Charlotte cuts peekaboo holes into waists and bares the backs as a signature that leads throughout the collection, with strong saturated colors ranging from rich violet to deep blue.

Closing the fashion weekend on Sunday Osano  showed his talent in an array of ethereal dresses in light colors, from white to cream and also embroidered with smaller stones and details on the bodices. Long and deep side slits are elegant yet sexy. Ever a chameleon, he also presented stronger hues in layered ruched dresses . The bride all in white with the long transparent trail was a perfect closing to the evening and the weekend of glamour and dreams of haute fashion.
Design by Nicolas Osano

Karin Ledl, (a fashionista herself)
divides her time between Montevideo 
and Punta del Este.  She writes about 
all things tasty, fun, and fashionable 
for the Paradise Uruguay Blog. 

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