An Introduction to Atlántida, Uruguay

Atlántida, Uruguay is becoming increasingly popular with Europeans and North Americans. The purpose of this article is to introduce you to Atlántida and its real estate market, and tell you why a growing number of English and German speaking expats are choosing Atlántida for year-round living.

About Atlántida
Atlántida is located 45 kilometers east of Montevideo in the Uruguayan Department of Canelones. The Canelones coastline extends for 68 kilometers along the Río de la Plata, a large estuary. Part of this coastline is known as Uruguay’s Costa de Oro (Gold Coast). The Costa de Oro is lined with small summer vacation communities. Of these communities, Atlántida is the most developed with the infrastructure and services to support a year-round population.

Atlántida is divided by the coastal highway, Ruta Interbalnearia. 
On the south of the Ruta Interbalnearia is the largest part of Atlántida that includes the beaches, most stores, restaurants, and services.  On the north side of the Ruta (away from the beach) is mostly residences and the Atlántida country club. The two parts of Atlántida are connected by an overpass.
Atlántida pedestrian street
Atlántida serves as the main commercial center for other nearby communities. 
To the east of Atlántida are the adjoining residential beach communities of Las Toscas and Parque del Plata. Parque del Plata does have a market, stores, restaurants, medical clinic, and other services. However, Atlántida is the areas' main commercial center with the greatest selection of shopping, dining, and entertainment options.

Types of properties in Atlántida
The most common type of property found in Atlántida is the small detached single-family home set on its own lot. There are also half a dozen buildings with apartments available. In general, the homes in Atlántida reflect a greater degree of architectural attention than the homes in other Costa de Oro communities.

Real estate prices 
The majority of single-family homes for sale in Atlantida are priced between 100,000 and 200,000 US dollars.

The highest demand is for homes on the south side of Ruta Interbalnearia within walking distance of Atlántida’s stores, restaurants, and shops. Homes on the north side of Ruta Interbalnearia have lower prices. Homes in the nearby communities of Las Toscas and Parque del Plata will also be less.

Why people buy Atlántida real estate 

For investment 
There is a strong summer vacation rental market for Atlántida single-family homes and apartments. The combination of summer rent income, combined with appreciating property values, has made Atlántida real estate a productive investment.

As a second home
Many people who own homes in Atlántida live and work in Montevideo and come to Atlántida for summer vacation and on the weekends.

Also, some expats seeking an endless summer divide their time between Atlántida and somewhere else in the Northern Hemisphere.

For year-round living  
In addition to retirees and people who work in Atlántida, there are 400 families that live in Atlántida and work in Montevideo. There is regular bus service between Atlántida and Montevideo.

Who is buying real estate in Atlántida
In addition to Uruguayans and South Americans, there are a growing number of Atlántida real estate buyers from North America, Germany, and Eastern Europe.

Why some expats are buying homes in Atlántida for year-round living 

Proximity to Montevideo 
Atlántida is an easy 45 kilometer (28 mile) commute to Montevideo for business, doctor appointments, and cultural events.

Lower real estate prices than Montevideo  
Homes in Atlántida cost less than comparable homes and apartments in coastal Montevideo neighborhoods.

Community development supports year-round living 
Atlántida has a large Tienda Inglesa (a very modern and well stocked grocery store) that is open year-round. It also has other stores, restaurants, and services that support comfortable year-round living.

Availability of quality homes 
In general, homes in Atlántida have been given a greater degree of design and construction attention than homes in the surrounding Costa de Oro communities, making them more suitable for year-round living.

Desirable community setting 
The expat homeowners I spoke with reported that one big plus in favor of Atlántida was its low-key suburban setting. They like the small town feel, the trees, and the beaches. Even during high season Atlántida is less crowded than many other Uruguayan beach communities.

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