Images of Ciudad Vieja (the Old City) in Montevideo, Uruguay

Recent images of Montevideo's Ciudad Vieja (Old City) by Samantha Wright.

The grill master at El Palenque, the most popular parrilla (steak grill) in the Mercado del Puerto (Port Market) in Montevideo Uruguay.

The Mercado del Puerto (Port Market) was built in 1868. It is located across the street from the entrance to the Port of Montevideo. At the Port Market you will find artisans and a decorative water fountain.  Inside, you will find some of the best Uruguayan meat and traditional drinks.

Strolling musicians in the Mercado del Puerto

A little book shop with its two literary cats awaiting your visit.

The period facades of buildings in Ciudad Vieja (Old City). Montevideo was a small, entirely walled-in city. These buildings stood on checkerboard streets on a peninsula that forms the South East point of Montevideo Bay, a natural harbor. Walking up and down the peninsula where there are still a few old residences such as these it feels like you are appreciating museum pieces anxious to tell you the important functions they once served.

Plaza Zabala is a romantic square located in Montevideo. The central monument is the image of General Zabala who was founder of the city of Montevideo. Plaza Zabala was created in the second half of the 19th century when the then president decided to knock down the fortress and storehouses standing there. It is the only square that conserved the original railings. The drinking fountain is the only remaining original neo-gothic fitting.

Gaucho sculpture at base of Zabala monument

Ciudad Vieja leather shop

 Church of San Francisco, built in 1870

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