Translation services in Uruguay – Spanish to English and English to Spanish

Do you need quality translating services at a great price? If so, you will want to know about Maria Clara's translation services. 

Maria Clara translates English to Spanish and Spanish to English. She also translates English to French and French to English. 

Maria Clara is an experienced translator  
Maria Clara is happy to translate any type of document. Her experience includes translating technical papers, academic articles, and playscripts. 

When asked what she is working on now, Maria Clara responded, “I am translating a voiceover about agricultural machinery from Spanish into English.  My previous job was a management paper for the Birchman Group that I'm pleased to say was 'highly valued' and accepted at a conference.”

Maria Clara's translation services in Uruguay are a good value 
“My translation work costs less than other translators because I am not a qualified legal translator. However, I get all my work checked by experienced native English professionals. 

"I currently charge one and a half pesos per word, which is about half what many others charge. My e-mail is” 

About Maria Clara
“I was born in Belgium, lived there for about 11 years then moved to Uruguay with my family. I've spent 8 years of my life in Uruguay,” says Maria Clara.“In Uruguay, I love the meat, the beaches, and the easy-going lifestyle.

Maria Clara's parents are Jonathan Lamb, who is English, and Beatriz Di Pace, who is Uruguayan. In the mid 80s Jonathan, who worked for the British Foreign Office was assigned to Montevideo. During his two-and-a-half years in Uruguay he met Beatriz, a veterinarian, at a local tennis club.

When Jonathan's assignment in Uruguay ended, the couple moved to Europe, spending time in England, Romania, and Belgium. In 2004 the Lamb family returned to live in Uruguay, now with Maria Clara and her sister.

“Growing up with both English and Uruguayan influences has been enriching and eye-opening. Because of it, I don't see the world as being bound or limited by territorial markings,” says Maria Clara. 

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