Uruguay Music - Murga

Some trace the roots of Murga in Uruguay to between 1906 and 1910. At that time an acting company from Cadiz, Spain came to Montevideo, Uruguay's capital.

Their performance was so unsuccessful that they ended up acting on the streets in an effort to raise money to pay their production debt and get back home.

The following year a group of Uruguayan actors made a parody about the plight of the Spanish acting company, which became the first Uruguayan Murga.

While murga exists in Spain and Argentina, it has developed into a unique music form in Uruguay. It is performed at the  Ramón Collazo Theater, known as Teatro de Verano (summer theater) and other outdoor venues during Uruguay’s Carnival celebration in Montevideo.

It is comprised of a chorus with mostly percussion accompaniment. The lyrics are often a comic satire of events that occurred the preceding year.

The players wear masquerade-style costumes and while the singing is structured. Murga in Uruguay is a music form sung in a deliberately flattish tone. (Perhaps a trait from the original parody?)

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