Uruguay Real Estate


Uruguay real estate provides promising second home, retirement, and investment diversification opportunities. Uruguay has beautiful beaches, a nice climate, and lots of recreational opportunities. When it's winter in North America and Europe, it is summer in Uruguay with daytime temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees.

In addition to great weather, Uruguay has a favorable social climate with the most highly educated population in the region. It also has the least economic disparity, the lowest crime rate, and is tied with Chile for having the lowest level of corruption in Latin America.The people of Uruguay are generally warm and friendly, placing a high value on family and friendship.

Uruguay has the best overall infrastructure in the region with good medical care, safe drinking water, good public transportation, free education for its citizens, broad cell phone coverage, and widespread availability of high speed Internet.

What sets Uruguay real estate opportunities apart from many other offshore locations is that foreigners can buy and sell real estate in Uruguay with the same rights and protections as residents. The government of Uruguay encourages foreign investment, the real estate registration system is solid, and property rights are actively enforced.

Uruguay’s real estate market is stabilized by the fact that most property in Uruguay is owned free and clear, with no mortgage. So, it is rare for anyone to sell his or her home because of mortgage pressures.

Uruguay real estate includes a broad selection of areas, communities, property types, and price ranges. 

Uruguay’s capital, Montevideo (considered South America’s most livable city), offers apartments and single-family homes in a variety of urban and suburban communities.

Uruguay’s Punta del Este, is South America’s most popular and fashionable beach resort, with apartments, suburban homes, and country estates (called Chacras). 

 Uruguay has vast wide open spaces with more agricultural land per person than any other country in the world. Country properties include small farms, vineyards, orchards, and ranches.

Uruguay real estate as an investment 
Summer vacation rentals are popular in Uruguayan beach communities, and the demand for furnished short term apartments for rent in Montevideo is growing. Renting your property in Uruguay provides an opportunity to offset the ownership costs of your second home, future retirement home, or investment.

Over the last seven years Uruguay’s real estate market has been characterized by a robust development industry and a steady rise in property values.

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