Atlántida, Uruguay provides a comfortable writing environment for expat author Susan Joyce

In the age of the Internet, an independent writer can live where she likes. And author Susan Joyce likes living in Atlántida, Uruguay.

Susan Joyce and Gita
on the beach in Uruguay
By Susan Joyce - I am originally from the USA. However, over the years I've lived in the Middle East, Europe, back in the USA, and Mexico. Then, in 2009 I moved to Uruguay with my husband and son.

In Uruguay  we found a great climate, natural beauty, and sandy beaches. “Ah!” I said, “My kind of spot.”

Here, we enjoy fresh organic produce, the best quality meats, and award winning wines.

The local people are friendly and helpful. They have a strong sense of family and community. And they seem to be able to balance work and play.

We purchased a home in a small beach town called Atlántida and settled into our “spot” on the map.

When I lived in Europe I worked as a freelance writer and editor (travel, technical, short stories, poetry), and also published my first children's book.

 After Europe, I returned to the States with my husband Doug, where we set up Peel Books, a children's book publishing company in 1986.

In Uruguay, my creative juices started to flow. What a joy! It felt like a “be-here-now” spell was magically helping me to focus on a memoir I had started writing years before.

Writing daily, I took frequent walks along the beach four blocks from our home.

And this year, I finally finished the book—my memoir, The Lullaby Illusion—A Journey of Awakening.

Editor's note: Susan's memoir, The Lullaby Illusion chronicles a portion of Susan's life in the Middle East and Europe. Her true story of personal awakening includes a husband with a double life, surviving the 1974 invasion of Cyprus, and being rescued from a sinking ship.

Before her memoir, Susan, with her husband Doug, sold more than 12 million children's books.


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