Laura Kundig, an expat from Europe, teaches the relaxing and energizing practice of Chi-Kung in Punta del Este

Laura Kundig
I had the pleasure of attending a Chi-Kung (Qi-Gong) class taught by Laura Kundig in Punta del Este.

Laura led us though a warm up and a practice that included several Chi-Kung postures.

It was my first time. I learned that Chi-Kung takes focus and attention but it is not difficult.

 “Chi-Kung can be practiced by people from age seven to over 80, and in all conditions. It can be done standing or sitting," Laura explains.

Feeling relaxed and energized after my first  Chi-Kung class, I enjoyed a cup of tea and chatted with my classmates, who were from many different countries and of varying ages.

About Chi-Kung 

Chi-Kung is a practice of postures, breathing, and meditation. It helps relieve stress and increase energy. It is also used for healing.

Through the ages there have been different branches of Chi-Kung, including aTaoist branch, a Buddhist branch, and a Confucianism branch. Today, Chi-Kung is a component of China´s national health plan and is practiced by millions of people from all walks life.

Chi-Kung is different thanT'ai Chi. Chi-Kung is a healing system. T'ai Chi is a martial art that was derived from Chi-Kung. Also the movements of Chi-Kung are usually simpler than T'ai Chi.

What brought Laura to Uruguay  

“I first came to Uruguay by chance in 2010. I commented to a woman I was treating in Italy that I felt an inner calling for South America, but I did not know where in South America.

“The woman asked me to come to Punta del Este, Uruguay.

"At that time, I had never heard of Punta del Este and was not even clear of the location of Uruguay. But, I felt it could be a wonderful experience.

“So I accepted. In 2010 I left Italy for Uruguay,” says Laura.

“What made me love Uruguay, and especially the coast of Punta del Este, is the nature and tranquility. I discovered large numbers of birds that I never saw in Europe. The colors of the trees are different and brighter. The beaches and the areas you find between the beaches and lagoons is fascinating.

Laura Kundig in  
Pasarela a La Moda
“Over the passing of two years, I started to think that Uruguay could be my new country, a place to put down roots. And take up my work, teaching Chi-Kung and healing,” says Laura.

“My native language is Italian, but I have studied, German, English, and French. I have learned Spanish living in Uruguay, and have lost a little fluency in other languages. But I am able to interact in several languages.” says Laura.

Since Laura came to Punta del Este, she was featured in Pasarela a La Moda, a glossy Buenos Aires fashion and lifestyle magazine. The article was titled "Reconectar Para Sanar" (Reconnect to Heal).

Laura's background and training 

Laura was born and raised in Switzerland. “Between the ages of 33 and 48, I journeyed in South Asia pursuing study in the Buddhist philosophy, which is the basis of my practice and meditative discipline. I started with Zen meditation, practicing in many temples in Thailand, Indonesia, and India.

“I studied Xhi-Kung at the Academy of Milan Yi Quan with Mo. Sabino Leone. I practice the Dr. Yayama method of Chi-Kung consisting of simple exercises to increase the Chi since 2005,” says Laura.

Dr Toshihiko Yayama is a surgeon in Saga Japan. He is an immunologist, oncologist, and also knows traditional medicine. His Chi-Kung system is a synthesis of other systems.

In addition to Laura's philosophical journey,  she also studies quantum physics. “Given that I am a practical person, I began wondering how I could apply the concepts of Einstein and Bohm to life,” says Laura.

How to take one of Laura's classes  

¨I teach all year at different places in the Punta del Este area. The cost depends on the place that organizes the class. People need to dress comfortably. Cotton clothing is recommended.

"To contact me write to my mail: or call at 099-172-109,” says Laura

Laura also has a Facebook page

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