Taking the Bus in Uruguay

Jeff McCullar
Jeff McCullar sold his home and belongings in Texas and arrived in Uruguay with his wife Amy and three children in search of fresh air, fresh food, and to experience a different culture. Jeff reports that he and his family have not been disappointed. In the following story, Jeff shares about his first bus ride in Uruguay.

By Jeff McCullar -  I took my first bus ride in Uruguay today. It was a bit intimidating at first sitting at the station, everything spoken in an unknown language. But all was well.

Wall art in Minas -  image by Jeff McCullar
There was some interesting wall graffiti across from the terminal. Not gang graffiti, but wall art.

I was leaving Minas and going about 135 kilometers north to the town of José Pedro Varela  to look at a truck for sale. The fare was $180 each way........ In pesos that is. So just under 9 bucks each way.  I thought that was quite reasonable seeing that gasoline is 40 pesos per liter! That equates to about 7 US dollars a gallon.

The scenery along the way was quite beautiful. There were rolling hills accented with eucalyptus trees. Some of the hills were covered in grass, some were "bald", and some were very rocky with trees.

It is late spring here and trees have dark green foliage. When the wind catches the grass just right it looks like waves on the sea. There was many cattle and sheep.

Uruguay clouds - image by Jeff McCullar
It is amazing how low the clouds look here. It seems as if I could reach out and touch them.

Upon my arrival at Varelo, I found the man with the truck for sale. But before any talk of business, I met his wife and son. learned about his trade, toured his workshop, and had an yerba maté.

After looking over the truck, I had two hours left before the departure of the evening bus back to Minas. So we sat in his front yard  sipping yerba maté, with me conversing in broken Spanish.

My wife, three children, and I have been in Uruguay since the 8th of November and we are thoroughly enjoying it.

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