The Magpie - Punta del Este Summer Newsletter

Jonathan Lamb

What's the Magpie?

It's is a free English-language newsletter. It provides information about upcoming activities and events in Punta del Este. You'll also find useful tips, interesting stories, and humor.

It's delivered by email twice a month during the summer to all who request it.

According to Jonathan Lamb, the editor: "The Magpie will start off as two sides of A4: it will have no charge, no commercial advertising, no website, and no cash sponsors..." 

Jonathan, who is from the south of England, spent two-and-a-half years in Uruguay during the mid-1980s at the British Embassy. During this time, he met and married Beatriz di Pace, a veterinarian. Jonathan's career took the newlyweds to the UK and Romania. Then in 1993, he left the Foreign and Commonweath Office for the European Commission in Belgium. In 2004, the couple, now with two daughters, returned to Uruguay.

In Uruguay, Jonathan is active in many creative endeavors. He writes performance verse ( He designs unusual things, like a delayed-action toy catapult ('the world's least successful invention') and a croquet hoop that works on artificial surfaces. He has served as editor of the British Society in Uruguay newsletter. He writes, directs and acts in plays. And he provides English voiceovers for film and TV.

Now, he's producing the Magpie.

To receive the Magpie, simply write Jonathan at Write ‘Subscribe Magpie’in the subject line and request being added to the mailing list.

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