Carnival in Uruguay - 2016

The Samba Schools Parade is the second parade of Uruguay's Carnival season

On Thursday January 21st, about 75,000 people lined Avenue 18 de Julio (Montevideo's main avenue) for Uruguay's 2016  Inauguration Carnival Parade. There were about 60 parade groups that included everything from civic groups to Samba dancers.

Uruguay’s Carnival celebration is the longest in the world with 40 days of events extending from the last part of January through the first part of March.

On January 22, the night after the Inaugural Parade, was the Samba Schools Carnival Parade. It was also held on Montevideo's Avenue 18 de Julio. It looked like there were more people out to see this parade than the Inaugural parade the night before.

Besides the parade at night, there were Carnival performances in venues all over Montevideo.

One of the most popular carnival events in Uruguay is the parade known as Llamadas (the calls - meaning drum calls). It took place on the Montevideo street of Isla de Flores on February 4th and 5th, 2016.

Clips from Llamadas provided by Uruguay's Ministry of Tourism

Uruguay's Llamadas are unique in that they are composed of Candombe groups known as ¨comparsas¨. Each comparsa has a cast of carnival characters, which include persons waving large flags and others holding images of a moon or stars on poles, a group of female dancers, a clown-like transvestite, an old man and an old woman, a man holding a stick or broom, and a large group of Candombe drummers.

Carnival is a festival season that proceeds lent, a 40-day period for prayer and self-denial leading up to Easter.

For more information and schedule of events, check out the official Carnival in Uruguay website.

The first parade of Uruguay's 40-day Carnival season

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