Serena Hotel Punta del Este - The Perfect Place to Relax

By David Hammond
Serena Hotel guests relaxing on the beach with Gorriti Island in the background
Do you ever wish you could stop the world and escape for a few days to unwind?

If so, there’s a place you should know about. It’s called the Serena Hotel in Punta del Este, Uruguay.

The Serena doesn’t try to be all things to all people.

It’s a 32-room design hotel with a peaceful beach setting, a helpful staff, and relaxing music—all coordinated to provide a sanctuary of tranquility for couples and singles.

What sets the Serena Hotel apart from other Punta del Este hotels?
  • It’s the only true beachfront hotel. You’ll find other Punta del Este hotels across the road from the beach. And some hotels have a beach club. But the Serena is the only on-the-beach hotel. 
  • It’s outside the main hubbub. The Serena Hotel is six kilometers (3.7 miles) west of the summer-time bustle of the Punta del Este Peninsula. 
  • Because the mission of the Serena is to provide a serene setting for grownups, all guests must be over 18. 
Serena Hotel as seen from the street side
The Serena Hotel opened in 2005. The main structure was originally a flour mill constructed in 1897.

Serena Hotel lobby
Dining room art by Ricardo Pickenhayn
Inside the hotel, you'll notice large fresh plant arrangements.

 You'll also find the work of well-known Uruguayan artists like Carlos Páez Vilaró (in the lobby) and Ricardo Pickenhayn (in the restaurant dining room).

Besides the lobby, there's a sitting room with T.V., magazines, and a game table.

Serena Hotel pool yard
Poolside or on the beach?
As a guest of the Serena Hotel, you choose between relaxing in the pool yard or on the beach. If you opt for the beach, the staff will set you up with an arrangement of beach chairs, an umbrella, a side table, as well as a large bed lounge—complete with fresh sheets and pillows.

Serena Hotel guests set up on the beach (Punta del Este Peninsula in the background) 
The restaurant
Bread and pizza
baked in a wood-fired oven
While the breakfast buffet is only for hotel guests—the hotel restaurant, Al Mar, is open to everyone for lunch and dinner.

The menu offers a selection of Mediterranean-style fish, seafood, and pasta, as well as grilled meats, stir fry, pizza, and sandwiches.

I am lunching as the guest of Peter and Sylvia, Al Mar regulars, who live close to the Serena Hotel. We share an order of the Brochette de Lomo and pizza (both excellent).

As we enjoy our dessert, a thick slice of Torta Serena—we notice a sailboat passing in front of nearby Gorriti Island.

The Serena Hotel restaurant is also a great spot to enjoy the sunset.

Outdoor dining is available in the pool yard and overlooking the beach.
A place for weddings 
With such a peaceful setting, I'm not surprised to learn the Serena Hotel is a popular place for weddings. A hotel staff member recalls the ceremony when the ring bearer emerged from the sea in scuba gear. And they still talk about the lavish event when the host had caviar served to the wedding guests non-stop for 24 hours. 

The Serena is open year round
During the winter month of August, you’ll often spot southern right whales, which pass very close to the beach.

Peter and Sylvia tell me they enjoy dining at the Serena Hotel year-round—including winter, when the tables are arranged close to the dining room fireplace.

“The Serena is serene. It’s the perfect name,” says Sylvia.

For more information:
Serena Hotel Punta del Este
Rambla Williman, Parada 24, Punta del Este,  Uruguay
Phone: (+598) 4223-34 41

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