SODRE – Uruguay’s Nationally Funded Arts, Culture, and Music Scene

Ballet del SODRE
Montevideo, Uruguay is known for its thriving art and cultural scene.

On any given weekend, you’ll find a variety of live music performances, plays, interesting exhibits, stimulating talks, and art film screenings.

An important aspect of Uruguay's high culture is SODRE,  a government organization that's been supporting the performing arts in Uruguay since the 1930s.

SODRE funds Uruguay’s:

SODRE also funds two artistic training schools:
SODRE is an acronym for Servicio Oficial de Difusión, Radiotelevisión y Espectáculos  (The Official Service of Broadcasting, Television and Entertainment.)

It’s the national public broadcasting service, formed by legal mandate in 1929.  that’s includes a broad charter to promote culture, information programs, and the arts. It’s managed by Uruguay’s Ministry of Education and Culture. (The public television department became independent from SODRE in 2002).

SODRE has two main theaters:

  • Auditorio Nacional Adela Reta
  • Nelly Auditorium Goitiño 
Auditorio Nacional Adela Reta (Adela Reta National Auditorium) is located on the east side of Montevideo’s Old City at the corner of Andes and Mercedes.

It’s a modern and impressive auditorium completed in 2009. It’s the largest theater in Uruguay with seating for 2,000. It's here, at the Auditorio Nacional Adela Reta, where you see nationally produced ballets, operas, symphony, choral productions, the youth orchestra, chamber music, as well as a variety of guest performances.

Tickets for performances can be purchased at the auditorium ticket office Monday thought Saturday from 2 pm to 7 pm, and two hours before the start of a performance. Tickets are available online at

Besides performances, you also find displays and activities, including Café Literario (Literary Café) every Thursday at 6:30 pm from April through December in the Auditorium cafeteria. Every week a guest – either a poet, storyteller, critic, playwright, philosopher, essayist, or journalist come to make a presentation. And it’s free.

The second auditorium is the Nelly Auditorium Goitiño in Montevideo’s Centro at Av 18 de Julio 930. Here you'll find cinema arts presentations as well as concerts, recitals, and opera productions. Tickets available at the ticket office prior to most screenings and performances.

Click here for SODRE programming for both theaters.

SODRE sponsored radio stations

Radio Clasica –  dedicated to classical music and opera. (the beginning of SODRE and the oldest radio station in Uruguay.
650 AM Montevideo and available online.

Radio Uruguay – talk radio with news and entertainment
1050 AM Montevideo, 103.9 FM Cologne , 100.1 FM in Bella Union , 98.7 FM in Artigas , 104.3 FM in Salto , 103.5 FM Paysandu , 92.1 in Mercedes ; 102.9 FM in Fray Bentos ; 92.7 FM in Thirty-Three ; 106.1 inMinas ; 103.7 FM in Tacuarembó ; 105.1 FM in Durazno , or online.

Babel – a mix of jazz, world music, and classical music, with a special emphasis on the regional music from Uruguay, Brazil, and Argentina.
97.1 FM Montevideo or 100.9 Maldonado or online.

Emisora del Sur - music of many genres
1290 AM and 94.7 FM in Montevideo; 107.7 FM in Rocha; 93.5 FM in Chuy; 106.9 FM Melo; 93.9 FM in Rivera, or online.

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