Where to live in Montevideo, Uruguay Part 2 of 4: Carrasco--Upscale and roomy

Single family homes in Carrasco
This post, covering the Montevideo community of Carrasco, is Part 2 of a four-part series on Montevideo communities that offer a high quality of life. 

Carrasco is a low-density area of Montevideo with large homes and prestigious institutions.  
Spacious single-family homes with yards 
Large sand beach
Good restaurants 
Top private schools
Prestigious social clubs   

On the east side of Montevideo is Carrasco, a large upscale community with a long sand beach fronting the Rio de la Plata.

The community developed as a beach resort that evolved into an upscale residential community as the city grew.

In Carrasco, you find the city's top private primary and secondary schools and the prestigious Carrasco Lawn Tennis Club.

In the low-density downtown area (on Avenue Alfred Arocena), you find a selection of restaurants with open decks--filled with diners during the spring and summer months.

Most of the homes are spacious single-family houses set in their own well-groomed yards. You'll also find a selection of roomy apartments in low-rise buildings in low-density neighborhoods.

First line homes and beach in Carrasco
East of Carrasco's city limits, you find the Carrasco Polo Club--famous for its highly ranked rugby team as well as its equestrian program. You also find large private communities with lakefront homes and golf courses.

Also, near Carrasco, you find the Carrasco International Airport (Uruguay’s sleekly designed main airport), and Zonamérica (an office park located in a free trade zone).

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