Where to live in Montevideo, Uruguay Part 1 of 4: Pocitos Area--the best in modern urban living

Montevideo's Pocitos Beach

This post introducing Montevideo's Pocitos Area, is Part 1 of a four-part series on Montevideo communities that offer a high quality of life.

The most popular area to live in Montevideo is comprised of three adjoining communities: Pocitos, Punta Carretas, and the west side of Buceo.

These three communities, together, are often referred to as the “Pocitos Area” or as “Pocitos”.

In the Pocitos Area you find modern apartment living, convenient shopping, a wide range of cafes and restaurants, and several multiplex theaters.

The Pocitos Area 
(Pocitos, Punta Carretas, and west side of Buceo)
Modern apartment living
Two shopping malls
Lots of good restaurants 
Sand beach
Urban green space 
18-hole golf club 


Pocitos is known for its long sand beach on the Rio de la Plata (River of Silver). The community started as an independent town, which eventually merged to become part of Montevideo as the metropolis grew. 

During building booms, the growth in Pocitos continues by removing single family homes and replacing them with 10-story residential towers. Today, Pocitos is the most densely populated community in Montevideo.

But even though it's built up, living in Pocitos maintains a neighborly atmosphere. That's because most people in Montevideo do not own cars and do their everyday shopping in the many small neighborhood businesses.

For example, if you live in Pocitos, the chances are good you'll find a small local bakery, produce stand, butcher shop, market, pharmacy, hardware store, and cafe within a 10-minute walk from your apartment. 

And once you've visited a place a few times, people in the shops remember you. 

Pocitos Beach and first line apartments
In Pocitos, you find apartments in modern buildings (from the 1940s to the present) as well as modern single-family homes.

Note: An "apartment" in Uruguay is the same as a "condominium unit" in the US or Canada. It can be either owner-occupied or rented. 

Apartment lined avenue in Pocitos

Punta Carretas

Punta Carretas
Bordering Pocitos on the west, is the Montevideo neighborhood of Punta Carretas, known for it's urban green spaces.

Here you find Parque Villa Biarritz, a spacious park where a farmer's market sets up on Tuesdays and Saturdays. You'll also find a large waterfront park with a lighthouse.

On the west side of Punta Carretas is the Club de Golf del Uruguay, an 18-hole golf course.

Also, in Punta Carretas, you'll find the area's finest shops--many of them in and near the four-level Puntas Cerretas Shopping mall. North of the mall is a leafy residential neighborhood with many unique restaurants mixed in.

Apartments across the street from Parque Villa Biaritz in Puntas Carretas



Montevideo World Trade Center
Just east of Pocitos, on the west edge of Buceo, is another shopping mall (Montevideo Shopping). Near it, you find Montevideo's World Trade Center towers and a selection of upscale restaurants and nightspots.

Along the Buceo waterfront you find a small-boat harbor and a sand beach.

Buceo boat marina
Buceo offers a variety of modern apartments and some single-family homes.

First line apartments (across from the street from the coastline) in Buceo
Within the Pocitos Area you find a variety of property types and price ranges--from high-end units overlooking the river to affordable studios more than six blocks from the shoreline.

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