Where to live in Montevideo, Uruguay Part 4 of 4: Parque Rodó--A small community with a lot going on

Outdoor roller skating rink in the Montevideo community of Parque Rodó
This post about Montevideo’s Parque Rodó is Part 4 of a four-part series of a four-part series on Montevideo communities that offer a high quality of life.

Parque Rodó is a small area with a lot going on.

Parque Rodó
Large beautiful park
Sand beach 
Outdoor rollerskating rink  

Parque Rodo
Parque Rodó is a large park named after after José Enrique Rodó, a renowned Uruguayan writer. It's also the name of the small community bordering the park. 

It's just northwest of Puntas Carretas. However, unlike the Pocitos Area, which started as independent communities, Parque Rodó was a part of the city expansion. So, much of the architecture is older than in Pocitos or Punta Carretas. 

In the park you find monuments, playgrounds, and a pond with paddle boats. Just south of the park is an amusement park, a large amphitheater (Teatro de Verano), a sand beach (Playa Ramírez), and a waterfront roller-skating rink. 

While most of the city's museums are in Cuidad Vieja, one exception is the impressive National Museum of Visual Arts, located in the Parque Rodó neighborhood. 

While Parque Rodó has its own neighborhood attractions, it's also conveniently located between "the old Montevideo" and "the new Montevideo".

360-degree aerial video of Parque Rodo and Ramirez Beach by uruguaydesdeloalto.com

In Parque Rodó you'll find apartments in both pre-modern and modern buildings as well as attached single-family homes.

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